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We provide market-leading Compliance, Health & Safety, and Performance online training solutions that fit flexibly around the needs of your business. Delivered via our state of the art Learning Experience Platform, Astute, using advanced techniques such as interactive video and gamification, our highly enjoyable and effective eLearning experiences set the benchmark in the industry.  

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Our compliance courses will help your employees understand their compliance obligations, protecting your business and improving your compliance culture.

DeltaNet International Health and Safety Training

Health & Safety

Our best-in-class H&S online courses offer a comprehensive solution to your training needs, keeping your teams safe and your business fully compliant.



Our Performance eLearning solutions help unlock and achieve individual potential, create high performing teams and improve your overall business performance.

Bespoke Solutions

If there’s something specific you have in mind about the way your course will look, feel, or work, just let us know. We’re happy to bring your vision to life!

Your Trusted Partner

We strategically align with your business to ensure you meet your regulatory compliance objectives.

For over 20 years we’ve worked alongside national and global organisations, helping to shape their training programmes and embed long-term cultures of compliance.

Fresh Content... Every Year

Our Compliance and Health & Safety training programmes are delivered in innovative formats, specifically designed by us to provide your organisation with fresh, engaging content year after year.

Solutions Built for You

Ready made learning programmes, tailored content and bespoke projects

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Supported by our Cutting Edge LXP

Manage your training and communications strategy with our cutting-edge and intelligent Learning Experience Platform, Astute. Our LXP is also available as an app in the form of MyAstute.

Solutions You Can Trust

We’ll provide award winning support so you can achieve behavioural change by using our engaging, effective eLearning solutions


20+ Years




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