DeltaNet help rugby to tackle concussion with custom eLearning Image

Tue, 03 Mar 2015 10:44

As previously announced, DeltaNet International recently worked with the Rugby Football Union, Premiership Rugby and Rugby Players' Association to create a bespoke Concussion Awareness eLearning course for all players, coaches, and officials.

The launch of this campaign across rugby last month coincided with widespread media coverage and awareness of concussion in a number of sports.

As well as contact sports like rugby and football, sports like Formula 1 have received coverage around the risks of concussion, as the long-term effects of head injuries come under increased scrutiny in the media.

With concern growing, sporting bodies are taking steps to minimise the risks of concussion and DeltaNet are passionate about the use of eLearning in reaching this goal.

We create fully responsive eLearning courses which can be accessed through any internet-enabled device, with a rich variety of content which has been independently validated by experts in the field.

Our Concussion Awareness eLearning content is suitable for all sports and is the most effective way to raise awareness of the symptoms, risks, and management of concussion amongst sportspeople.

When DeltaNet's Concussion Awareness course was announced by the RFU, Premiership Rugby and the RPA the news was widely reported in the media, reaching BBC Sport, the Guardian, and Sky Sports. The latter described the course as "a major advance in concussion education in professional sport."

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