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Wed, 10 Jun 2015 13:29

We hope it's common knowledge that if an employee is injured due to a fall at work, employers can be prosecuted and fined.

But employers don't only pay when there is a fall.

Even if no injury occurs, if work at height takes place without necessary safety measures in place, then you are risking more than their wellbeing.

You also put your business at risk of prosecution, significant fines, and a damaged reputation.

Health and Safety Executive inspectors proactively visit sites looking for evidence of safety measures including necessary equipment and risk assessments, as seen in recent cases.

As an employer or manager of staff who work at height, it's your responsibility to provide that evidence.

Our Working at Height Essentials and Working at Height Advanced eLearning courses cover the essentials your employees need to know including legislation, risk assessment, equipment selection, maintenance and usage, and more.

Using eLearning to train your employees in Health and Safety allows you to be consistent to all employees and ensure their understanding of key subjects, with completion reports and assessment scores allowing you to pinpoint any areas of risk which need further attention.

Our Working at Heights Essentials and Working at Heights Advanced eLearning courses are also fully responsive – so workers can even learn on site using their mobile phone or tablet, with no need to train in a central office.

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