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Tue, 10 Nov 2015 11:46

Which are the most dangerous jobs in the UK?

According to a new survey by, just over 50% of all workplace injuries occur in the construction and agricultural industries.

However, in between those two is an industry more likely to surprise people: services.

From bankers to beauticians, those in the service industry reported surprisingly high levels of workplace injuries, which ought to get businesses thinking about how they manage their health and safety risks.

One in four British workers have been injured at some point in the course of their work. So, how does this happen, and what can you do to prevent it?

Workplace injuries

The most common workplace injuries are cuts, followed by sprains and burns, and one in ten of those surveyed suffered broken bones.

This appears to be quite a varied injury list, but it's striking when the most common cause of injuries is revealed: tripping over equipment or walking into something.

In other words, the kinds of hazards that are present even in very ordinary working environments, emphasising the importance of keeping floors clean, removing hazards, signposting spills, and ensuring employees are properly trained to use and put away equipment.

Health and safety

Despite these statistics, the good news is that workplace accidents are on the decline, having almost halved over the past two decades.

Health and safety regulations, something the UK is (in)famous for, have an ambiguous reputation but have contributed to the UK having one of the best safety records in Europe.

Yet there is still room for improvement. The more health and safety regulations are followed and enforced, the better the results will be.

One of the most valuable things managers and HR executives can do to support this is make sure employees not only know the regulations, but also appreciate their value.

Health and safety training

If you're not sure how to begin getting your staff up to speed, DeltaNet can help. Our health and safety eLearning courses are easy to fit around your workplace schedule and have been used by hundreds of companies to manage their health and safety risk.

We have developed a range of off-the-shelf courses to address the most common causes of workplace injuries, including Slips and Trips, Display Screen Equipment and Manual Handling.

Courses are available individually, or within our Health and Safety Essentials Suite which covers your organisation against all of the most common risks.

Contact us today to arrange guest access to our health and safety eLearning courses.

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