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Mon, 23 Nov 2015 11:42

A recent BBC News article on the VW emission scandal suggests that diversity could be one antidote to toxic corporate cultures.

The article quotes Stephen Carver, lecturer at Cranfield School of Management, who suggests that diversity seems more appealing when you consider the alternatives: "groupthink and monoculture".

Mr Carver also states, "Darwinian survival is not survival of the fittest - he never said that. It's the most able to adapt. And that means diversity."

If everyone in your organisation thinks in the same way then who will raise their hand and question bad practices? Who will call out damaging tactics? And who will blow the whistle on costly mistakes?

A diverse workforce doesn't just mean employing people with different heritage – it means filling your organisation with diverse experiences, ideas and ambitions. And who knows, it may just help to safeguard your organisation against stagnation, corruption and costly mistakes.

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