ICO releases data privacy assessment tool for SMEs Image

Mon, 01 Feb 2016 17:04

With the number of high profile examples of big businesses being targeted by cyber criminals, it'd be easy for small and medium-sized enterprises to overlook their own vulnerabilities.

Many SMEs possess customer databases to rival those of larger businesses, but tend to lack the security infrastructure to match – making them highly valuable targets for cybercriminals.

In recognition of this problem, the ICO released a tool last week designed to help SMEs assess their compliance with the Data Protection Act.

The tool contains a number of checklists covering the essential elements of cyber security including data protection, records management and information security. If you're a SME, we highly recommend making use of this free tool to assess your own DPA compliance efforts.

Data Privacy Training

One crucial element the ICO recommends for data protection compliance is training, an area in which SMEs can easily compete with larger organisations - and something DeltaNet can help with.

Our responsive, multi-device eLearning covers all subjects the ICO recommends SMEs deliver training in for Data Protection Act compliance.

Not only are our eLearning courses responsive and deliverable on mobiles, tablets and personal computers, they also provide a robust audit trail, an essential element of any data protection policy.

Contact us today for guest access to our information governance eLearning courses or to discuss how we can help you comply with the data protection act.

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