DeltaNet extend Astute eLearning Platform with 360-degree performance reviews, social notifications, and more Image

We've been hard at work on product innovations and are excited to share details of the latest enhancements to Astute, our eLearning Platform.

Social Notifications

Users and teams can now enjoy in-platform messaging with social media-style notifications, further extending Astute's capabilities as a social knowledge sharing platform, while administrators can create organisation-wide notifications.

Like emails, notifications can be triggered by activities like passing a course or logging in for the first time, making them a powerful, flexible communication tool that minimises needless email.

My Team / My Progress

Astute's new My Progress feature gives learners an overview of their progress through courses and assessments they're enrolled on. For managers, My Team provides an overview of progress, total time spent, and number of attempts for each individual in their team without the need to delve into reports or spreadsheets.

Performance Manager Extension

Astute's latest extension, Performance Manager, gives organisations the power to identify employees' individual development requirements and deliver tailored training - all through one central platform.

With customisable job profiles, capability frameworks and assessments, you'll be able to gather multi-source feedback, benchmark capabilities and identify untapped potential within your organisation. Where capability gaps are identified, learners are presented with development opportunities which can be links to online resources, files, or Astute courses.

Contact us today to find out more about Astute and Performance Manager.