Data Security: Your Employees Hold the Key

Tue, 05 Sep 2017 15:03

Data Security: Your Employees Hold the Key Image

It's true that most data security breaches originate from external sources, however the biggest threat to your IT infrastructure is the employees who may unwittingly introduce the breach into your organisation in the first place.

This is a fact that should concern every organisation since cyber crime is unquestionably on the rise (for example, around 100 million fake technical support scams were recorded last year alone). More worrying still, is the fact that these types of attacks are specifically designed to exploit employees' gaps in knowledge and experience on the subject of cyber security. This means that – no matter how much security software companies invest in, or how sophisticated it may be – training remains the key to true data compliance and risk mitigation.

Amongst the top reasons for organisational data-breaches and losses are employees with weak passwords, those who click on unauthorised links/attachments or visit restricted sites, and computers/other devices being left unattended or lost. Whilst seemingly simple mistakes to make, neglecting to follow security best practices in these ways poses an enormous threat to business data that only ongoing learning and development can address.

What Cyber Security eLearning Courses can DeltaNet International Provide?

We offer a suite of cyber-security eLearning courses designed to deliver effective training in an easily-digestible format that focusses clearly on the main security threats to your organisation. Each course highlights a particular learning objective (e.g. phishing attacks, setting a secure password, using email and browsing the internet) and can be completed in approximately five minutes in order to maximise knowledge retention and keep motivation to a maximum.

Employing a culture of security and training, and then testing this knowledge on a regular basis, is the most effective way to safeguard against data security threats and eliminate user errors. eLearning is a great way to foster a culture in which everyone understands and respects data security protocols, and wherein cyber-security risks are kept to an absolute minimum.

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