NEW RELEASE: Medical Emergency eLearning Short Course

Wed, 27 Mar 2019 09:18

NEW RELEASE: Medical Emergency eLearning Short Course Image

All workplaces are at risk of a medical emergency, especially for people who work in a public place. How many of us are confident we would know exactly what to do if we faced one?

Suitable for all employees, our Medical Emergency short course encourages workers to learn about the appropriate response to such serious incidents. It is the first course to be released from our Emergency Response suite, which includes Explosion, Civil Unrest, Active Shooter, Bomb Threat and Suspicious Packages or Mail.

You're the first on the scene of an escalator accident with two casualties. One is injured but conscious, and the other is unconscious. How you handle this situation determines how many of your 6 "red crosses" you manage to keep by the course's end. Make the right decisions and keep the crosses to pass!

Our Medical Emergency eLearning short course teaches all employees how to respond in situations where every second counts.

See our new course HERE.

The Medical Emergency course is the first to be released of our Emergency Response suite of short courses.

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