NEW RELEASE: Remote Working eLearning Course

Tue, 28 May 2019 10:34

NEW RELEASE: Remote Working eLearning Course Image

Do you work in a traditional office, commuting there every working day for a set number of hours? For many years, this was the standard – but remote working is becoming much more common.

Around 4 million UK employees work remotely. With increasing numbers of employers adopting this model, this number looks set to climb steeply in the coming years. It's an arrangement that works well for lots of workers, offering them greater flexibility in terms of location, hours and how they complete their day-to-day tasks, whilst cutting down on the costs and hassle of commuting.

Our Remote Working eLearning course equips workers and employers alike to face the challenges it brings. Whether you're staying safe while visiting a client alone, setting up your display screen equipment (DSE) in your living room or on a train, or deciding between a home office or a local working hub, your health and safety should be the number one priority.

The interactive course uses the latest techniques in animation and gamification. Engage with the scenarios to make sure the risk-o-meter stays green, the worker stays safe and you pass the course!

See our new course HERE.

Remote Working joins our suite of Personal Safety eLearning courses.

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