5 Benefits of Using Astute LMS to Manage All Your Training

We launched Astute in 2015 and have worked tirelessly to build a comprehensive learning management system (LMS) designed to take the pain out of eLearning administration. Now, with the addition of F2F, we have taken the first steps towards developing Astute into an all-rounder learning and development (L&D) system. The new feature is a great addition to our learner-centric, intuitive eLearning platform with the capability to manage your offline L&D activities.

We list out the benefits of using Astute LMS to manage all your learning and development needs.

Manage all your training from one platform

Astute is built for today’s dynamic workplace, offering easy-to-access eLearning to learners – anywhere, anytime. While we cannot stop emphasising on the convenience of eLearning and the value it adds to your L&D program, we appreciate that for some organisations, face-to-face training will be just as important.

This is the biggest benefit of F2F that you can use your existing LMS to manage your entire training program calendar – making Astute your go-to for all things learning and development. Whether you an administrator, trainer or learner, you can use F2F to manage and access offline training events:

  • For administrators: Scheduling and managing face-to-face training events including adding trainers, facilities management and supervising enrolments.
  • For trainers: Accessing course information, viewing course attendees and taking the attendance register.
  • For learners: Enrolling onto a face-to-face training course, viewing course information and requesting withdrawal from a course.

Save money on training management

Some LMS may enable administrators to manage face-to-face training with the help of external integrations which may be expensive and require technical support to set up. F2F is bundled within Astute, so as a subscriber, there are no additional costs or set up required to use the functionality within the learning platform.

F2F enables administrators to maintain a schedule of training events alongside eLearning modules within Astute. With F2F, administrators, trainers and learners can use Astute to access course material in digital format, helping save on paper and printing.

Develop a culture of learning

Learning is key in defining an organisation’s commitment to support innovation, ensure compliance and get employee engagement necessary for success. With the process of managing your training streamlined and time saved on planning training events and informing learners, you are freeing up your L&D team to spend more time developing an all-inclusive program of work. In the long run, a culture of learning will be beneficial for both your employees and your organisation.

Track learner history

Astute already enables administrators to view performance reports for learners using the Performance Manager. With F2F, you will also be able to log face-to-face training hours for learners. With a robust audit trail of all learner activity visible to administrators, L&D teams will be able to determine benchmarks in mandatory training such as compliance and health and safety, as well as mitigate risks by identifying knowledge gaps within the workforce.

Build a high-performance workforce

According to a recent survey, the L&D division of services provider Capita found that 85% of line managers thought L&D was best placed to improve workforce productivity. With the pressure on L&D teams to deliver impactful training for improving workforce productivity and efficiency, the onus lies on organisations to offer the necessary support and tools for managing L&D. Investing in a comprehensive LMS enabling you to manage both eLearning and face-to-face training can help your organisation hit training goals, build a productive workforce, and align culture and business strategy.

Does your LMS offer a cost-effective and seamless integration between online and offline training? If the answer is no, book a demo of Astute today and find out how to make the most of your investment in an LMS.

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