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Are passwords becoming a thing of the Pass-t?

A tight password policy has always been key to sound cyber security in any business.

However, with the ever-changing landscape, and more rigorous password setting requirements. It’s understandable that employees may not be able to remember the mountain of passwords they have. This makes it more likely for the same passwords to be recycled across multiple different logins, compromising your cyber security and putting your business at risk of a data breach.

In addition to this, with cracking, phishing and keylogging techniques becoming more advanced all the time, sometimes the humble password just isn’t strong enough to protect your businesses data.

Whilst it’s not expected that our old friend, the password, will die a death anytime soon, there are better ways to protect your business against Cyber-Crime

Have no fear, 2 step authentication is here.

Employing a 2-step authentication process is the best and easiest way to bolster your current password protection policy and add increase levels of cyber-crime security. The key features to look out for in a two-step authentication tool are as follows:

Security keys

These are physical keys which plug into your computer and connect securely to your device.

Google prompt

Sign in prompts sent directly to Android and Apple devices specified in your settings.

Code generators

Generating a code from an app or programme such as Google Authenticator.

Back up codes

Back up codes printed out head of time (only for use with employees with no access to a mobile device).

A text message or phone call

To verify the user.

All of the above 2-step authentication features help to add an extra layer of protection to your current strong password procedures. However a recommended 4-stage best practice would be as follows:

1 – Follow secure password setting procedures for everyone in the business.

2 – Enforce 2 step verification for all admins and key users to ensure users with high level access have the highest levels of digital security.

3 – Employ physical security keys for all admins and key users to further protect against password compromises.

4 – Educate your workforce on cyber security best practices.

You can use our cyber-security suite to boost your workforces understanding of, and compliance with your businesses cyber-security best practice policies.

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