As graduates go freelance, are you equipped to engage contractors?

New research from PolicyBee has found that an increasing number of students are considering freelancing and contracting as potential career options when they leave university. So what does this mean for employers?

Out of 1,000 students surveyed, 44 per cent were considering working outside of traditional permanent employment. One might think that graduates are simply keeping an open mind, but 56 per cent of the students surveyed had already tried freelancing during their studies – which suggests their plans are often grounded in experience.

A shrinking talent pool

With so many students interested in self-employment, what will be the impact on the jobs market? Employers may be forced to fight over a dwindling pool of job-seekers – or use contractors and freelancers.

Engaging freelancers and contractors brings fresh challenges, and may represent uncharted territory for some. Managers may need support to negotiate the client / freelancer relationship while adhering to the legislation affecting freelancers and contractors, such as IR35.

Contractor management training

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