It’s Here: New Astute

Our Astute learning platform has relaunched with a major upgrade – and a cutting-edge new look to match. Whilst retaining the features that have made it so popular with our clients, it now has extra functionality.

When shopping online, streaming music or watching films, it’s expected that the software will be responsive to your choices. With Astute, this is a reality for eLearning too. Harnessing Experience API (xAPI) and AI, each learner receives personalised suggestions for their next learning activities, tailored to their skill set and interests. Whether you want to brush up on an existing skill or prepare for a completely new role, Astute provides you with the best options – without the need to browse through a huge course library.

The platform’s interface has been redesigned. User-friendly and intuitive, it’s perfect for learning “on the go”, as effective on mobile devices as it is on desktops. Your eLearning is ready when you are.


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