Astute sets benchmark for eLearning security

Our Astute eLearning Platform has set the benchmark for eLearning security following recent penetration tests.

Astute was tested against 70 known vulnerabilities and security risks and, we’re pleased to confirm, has been given a clean bill of health with no issues identified.

The tests, carried out over three days by IT Security Consultants Pentura, subjected Astute to the kinds of techniques hackers use when attempting to compromise computer systems.

In thinking like hackers, the testers were attempting to identify any security risks or vulnerabilities which could negatively impact on the confidentiality, availability or integrity of Astute, DeltaNet’s network, business data, and users.

Information security is a growing concern for businesses as systems and data are increasingly cloud-based, so we are delighted to have received a clean bill of health, demonstrating that with DeltaNet and Astute, your data is in safe hands.

Our cloud-based Astute eLearning Platform helps businesses do much more than just deliver courses. Create automated communications campaigns, gain rich insights with powerful Learning Analytics, and make eLearning available on multiple devices.

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