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Astute Transformation: Stage 2 Now Live

We’re committed to giving our clients the best possible eLearning experience – one that meets their needs and exceeds their expectations.

Last year, we gave our eLearning platform Astute a major upgrade. Now, following some excellent client feedback, we’re launching the second stage in Astute’s transformation.

So, what’s new?

Our All-New Reporting Tool

One of the biggest changes is to Astute’s reporting tool. Working alongside our customers and taking their views into account at every stage, we’ve revamped this section of Astute, giving you access to more data – better presented and more detailed.

The new reporting tool is:

  • Faster: We’ve increased speed so that accessing your reports is quicker than ever
  • More detailed: Drill into the detail of learners’ answers in addition to the standard pass/fail data
  • Graphically enhanced: We’ve revolutionised the way your data is presented; it is now complete with easy to read charts and graphs

Having this extra information easily available helps administrators provide learners with the training that suits them best, identifying strengths and areas for growth like never before.

The reporting tool is currently in beta. Get in touch with any feedback, comments or queries. If you have reporting access, you can access the beta version like so:

  1. Login to Astute. Use your Astute login details to access your dashboard.
  2. Select Learning Analytics V2 (Beta). Open the menu in the top right-hand corner and select this option.

Progress: Based on Time Left to Complete your eLearning

Users progress through their learning plan and individual courses will now be measured by time left to completion.

For example, if a course includes one hour-long module and three short modules, the time it takes the average learner to complete each course will be the guiding factor rather than the number of modules. Astute analyses the time needed to complete each activity in each module and displays how much of your training you have completed in an accurate, easy to understand way.

This means Astute will display “Overall Progress” on the home screen and “Course Progress” on the course modules page, giving a better idea of how much training is complete and how much is left.

New-Look Management Pages

The following management pages have a new design:

  1. Management Home
  2. Organisation Management
  3. Content Management
  4. Dashboard
  5. Courses
  6. Enrolments
  7. Learners
  8. Reporting

The functionality on these pages is the same. The main difference is that they now match the look of the user pages, giving your journey through Astute a seamless feel.

New Sections

There’s a new section within content management called “Videos”. Here, clients can view animated video snippets that relate to some of our courses and deliver a core message about the topic. The videos are part of the free communication resources we offer, alongside posters. They can upload their own versions too.

There is a new setting within “Organisation” to “Show Pre-Course Message”. This is available to all clients and once activated, it will show a message each time a course is launched. The course will not launch without the learner agreeing to the statement. This is an effort to prevent learners closing the master window when launching a course and losing their progress.

If you have any questions about any of these changes, please contact your Account Manager or email us at: [email protected].

Find out more about Astute here.

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