Britain’s Favourite Office Snacks – The ULTIMATE Ranking

It’s a conversation that sparks disagreement in the office time and time again, but the debate can finally be put to rest.

Here at DeltaNet International, we’ve pulled data from more than 60 ‘top UK snack’ rankings to devise the list to end all lists. The ULTIMATE snack ranking, if you will.

The Results

The full list of top 10 crisps, biscuits, and chocolate bars can be seen below, although the results may prove divisive.

Walkers Sensations Thai Sweet Chilli bagged first place for crisps – and Brits are also loving Quavers and Pickled Onion flavour Monster Munch.

When it comes to the age-old debate of Dairy Milk versus Galaxy, we can report that Cadbury bagged the honour of first place, closely followed by its Wispa bar in third place.

Perhaps it’s no surprise that Mcvitie’s famous chocolate digestive finished in first place for biscuit rankings, although coming in at number two, the Jaffa Cake is bound to reignite the ‘cake or biscuit?’ debate.

Promoting Wellness

Snacking at work is a hot topic for organisations interested in prioritising employee wellness, particularly since junk food consumption has links to stress (both as a symptom of and a catalyst for).

With this in mind, it’s important we indulge in our favourite treats as part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle – rather than a reaction to stressful working environments or means of comfort.

Indeed, alongside more traditional health and safety training, many organisations are promoting stress management initiatives that help empower the workforce by getting them involved in their own physical and mental wellbeing.

Some Practical Tips for Businesses:

Encourage physical activity – Given that we spend about one third of our waking hours working, initiatives like walk-to-work and cycle schemes have helped UK workers fit physical activity around their employment. It’s encouraging to report that many UK workers now have access to onsite shower facilities and/or lockers to make it easier to be active whilst still getting the job done and maintaining professionalism. From boardroom workouts to lunchtime yoga and discounted fitness apps, encouraging physical activity can help promote productivity and maintain the good health of your workforce.

Offer healthy snacks – As our rankings prove, Britain loves sweet and salty treats! However, these aren’t the only delicious snacks health-conscious organisations have to offer. Initiatives like fresh-fruit deliveries can help employees make beneficial choices, as can recipe swapping clubs and team lunches aimed at raising awareness about nutrition.

Keep employees moving – Office workers often sit for hours in front of their computer – sometimes spending as much as seven or eight hours a day completely sedentary, which puts both physical and mental health at risk. Simply encouraging employees to take short but regular breaks can help, as can raising awareness about display screen equipment (DSE) use and what office-based exercises they can do to help reduce fatigue, pain, and discomfort.

Final Word

Whilst our snack rankings were a bit of fun for the DeltaNet International office, we can’t ignore the fact that workplace health and wellbeing is a very serious issue as we move into 2020. It’s important that employees are empowered to make good choices and that awareness training and information about healthy workplace initiatives are available and suitable for everyone.

See below for the UK’s ULTIMATE snack rankings in full:

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