How to Prevent Terrorist Financing

Terrorist financing involves the collection, movement, and disguising of money in order to finance terrorist operations. Terrorist activities can be financed from both legal and illegal sources – from political donations, to trading digital currencies, to proceeds of crime, e.g., kidnapping for ransom and fraud, and terrorist financiers often exploit intermediaries in the legitimate economy […]

What is Due Diligence and why is it Important?

All business interactions require thorough and effective due diligence in order to confirm that customers and suppliers are who they say they are. This involves conducting checks at the initial onboarding stage, at ongoing regular intervals thereafter, and if any change in circumstance should trigger concern (e.g., if someone has lost their job but appears […]

DeltaNet International Extends its Anti-Money Laundering Online Training Collection

We have today announced the availability of our newly refreshed and expanded Anti-Money Laundering (AML) collection of online training courses. With a comprehensive offering of 16 courses, the AML collection provides everything an organisation needs to train employees about compliance with AML best practices and legislation, and in turn, ensure their business remains compliant and […]

Complete Guide to Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

Anti-money laundering regulations refer to procedures and processes that are put in place by organisations across every industry to discourage and prevent potential criminals from performing money laundering, either on or via their premises. Through various standard controls and directives, compliance with anti-money laundering best practices empowers employees to identify, report, and terminate money laundering […]

Five Ways to Prioritise Mental Health and Wellbeing in 2022

With the pandemic continuing and Covid-19 cases still on the rise with the latest variant, it may seem that January blues are underway. However, organisations must avoid letting this get employees down and instead use January as an opportunity to kick start and make way for a year of prioritising good mental health and wellbeing. Here […]

What is AML and why is it Important?

Anti-money laundering (AML) is a blanket-term used to describe the constantly evolving laws and regulations put in place to prevent money laundering and other related financial crimes. However, in order to fully understand AML activities, it’s important first that we get to grips with what money laundering means and the true extent of this crime. […]

Spar forced to close stores following a Ransomware Cyber Attack

More than 300 Spar convenience stores have been affected by a significant cyber-attack on its company’s IT systems. Many of these stores have been forced to close until the true extent of the damage can be assessed. Any stores that have managed to stay open are operating on a cash-only basis, due to the damage […]

Cyber Security: Phishing Alert – Email Chain Hacking

Ikea Targeted by a New Phishing Scam A new type of phishing attack has been uncovered after flat-pack furniture giant, Ikea, launched an internal investigation after noticing several malicious emails circulating throughout the business. Email Chain Hijacking is a new type of phishing scam that takes advantage of a weakness found in Microsoft Exchange servers. Ikea adequately […]