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Does your organisation comply with the Modern Slavery Act?

Today is Anti-Slavery Day

Did you know that on any given day in 2016, 40 million people were victims of modern slavery? 71% of victims were female and 1 in 4 were children. Modern slavery is a global problem, affecting every country in the world. In fact, in the UK, you could be coming into contact with victims of modern slavery every day and not even know it. The National Crime Agency estimates that there are tens of thousands of people in modern slavery right now in the UK.

The 18th of October represents a chance to raise awareness about modern slavery and human trafficking, and also gives us an opportunity to consider what we can do to help victims of modern slavery and stop the people that exploit and abuse them.

Someone is in slavery if they are:

  • forced to work – through coercion, or mental, financial, or physical threat;
  • owned or controlled by an ’employer’, through mental or physical abuse or the threat of abuse;
  • dehumanised, treated as a commodity or bought and sold as ‘property’;
  • physically constrained or have restrictions placed on their freedom of movement (e.g. have their passport taken from them).

Forms of modern slavery range from forced labour, forced marriage, and forced organ removal to prostitution, human trafficking, and debt bondage. Many modern slaves endure more than one form of slavery throughout their lifetime, and many are trafficked from country to country, often hiding in plain sight.

At DeltaNet International we believe that awareness is key when it comes to the fight against modern slavery. By empowering your employees to be able to spot the red flags of slavery and educating them about its prevalence and the areas it’s more likely to take place, we can leave criminal networks of traffickers and slavers nowhere to hide.

Our modern slavery training is delivered in three engaging courses:

Identifying Modern Slavery in the Supply Chain will teach employees how to remain vigilant about modern slavery. Companies risk a great deal of reputational damage should instances of modern slavery be discovered in their supply chain. Therefore prevention is key and this course will help employees gather relevant information about your suppliers and allow you to assess whether they are high, medium or low risk.

Modern Slavery and Transparency Statements documents the necessary steps and legislation behind Section 54 of the UK Modern Slavery Act, which requires larger organisations to release an annual statement detailing the steps they have taken to prevent modern slavery in their operations.

What is Modern Slavery? is an introductory microlearning course, designed to give a short, sharp overview of what modern slavery is, what it means for your organisation and how your organisation can ensure compliance. Microlearning is an effective way of delivering modern slavery training as it is recognised to improve learner engagement, as the microlearning courses typically last for 5 minutes so even the least attentive learner can focus for the duration of the course. Microlearning is highly engaging, concise, specifically focused learning which maximises the level of knowledge that learners retain.

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