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Five new Take 5 microlearning courses released

DeltaNet have just released 5 brand new Take 5 microlearning courses;

Personal Protective Equipment

Why you should use PPE, which areas of the body are at risk, what are they at risk from and what to wear to protect them.

Checking your vehicle before driving at work

It is estimated that more than 25% of all road traffic incidents involve someone driving at work. A vehicle used at work is work equipment and employers must take steps to ensure that it is fit for purpose and safe to use, however you should make some basic checks yourself and this module outlines some of them that need to be carried out before beginning your journey

Preparing for your journey

There are a number of steps outlined in this module that will ensure that you are prepared for your journey; to aid your safety and that of other road-users. The steps include those that are your responsibility and those that are the responsibility of your employer.

Using big data ethically

In this course you will learn what big data is, where it comes from, what principles need to be applied to use big data ethically and how to ensure that your organisation is doing so.

Know your customer

This immersive, role playing scenario puts you in a situation where you have to make the decisions. It will demonstrate the importance of carrying out customer due diligence and highlight the risks of not doing so. You will also learn about the warning signs to look out for and questions to ask yourself to ensure that you can act with all the relevant information to hand.

What is microlearning and why should you use it?

Microlearning is training that is delivered in short bursts which users find more manageable than traditional, longer courses. By delivering the training in this way knowledge retention can be increased.

You can also find out more about microlearning by attending the DeltaNet Annual Conference where there will be a session dedicated to the subject, along with discussion about the impact of Brexit on regulatory compliance, cyber security and the latest developments in the eLearning world.

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