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Have you Taken the Social Media Challenge Yet?

Ever the trendsetters here at DeltaNet, we’re very pleased to announce the arrival of our latest compliance course: The Using Social Media Challenge.

Written and directed by our talented development team, the course combines a refreshing mix of story-telling, gamification, and immersive eLearning to offer learners an interactive video experience that’s sure to wow!

Fresh, fun, and informative, The Using Social Media Challenge is designed to raise awareness about hacking threats on Social Media.

To take the challenge, users must take on self-confessed cyber-criminal, John (and his fiendish team of hacking experts), and prevent him from accessing their data and infecting their computer by making the right choices whilst using social media. Each time learners thwart John’s efforts successfully, they will be rewarded with a shield. Making the wrong choices, though, will result in a win for the cybercrime syndicate and a ‘virus’ for the unsuspecting victim.

How many shields will you collect?

View a trailer for The Using Social Media Challenge:

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