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Hospitality Reopening Checklist: How Safe is Your Venue?

10 tips for your staff training

Some of the areas you could consider include:

Health and Safety

Many members of staff will have been furloughed for months, so it’s worthwhile investing time in refresher training and going over the hygiene and safety basics.

Food Safety

  • Do my staff remember best practice for storing, preparing, cooking and handling food?

Risk assessments

  • Are these completed and up to date? What new risks do I need consider and manage?

Manual handling

  • Are my staff aware how best to protect themselves and others from injury?

Slips, trips, and falls

  • All signs point to a busy period ahead, are accidents more likely to happen?

Mental health

  • My employees have been through a lot this year, have I helped ensure a positive work environment?


Well-trained staff know and understand compliance best practices, mitigating risks and complying with the law.

Data Privacy

  • Do my staff know and understand data privacy laws? Will they remember how to handle and store data securely?

Cyber security

  • Phishing attacks and social engineering are on the rise; do my staff have enough awareness training to protect our business?

Equality and diversity

  • Have I taken positive action to promote equality and equal opportunity?


Prioritising clear and consistent employee training will not only improve staff performance, but also enhances work-culture and boosts efficiency.

Customer service

  • Are my guests having the best possible experience?

Stress management and wellbeing

  • Healthy behaviours help build healthy workplaces; am I supporting my employees’ wellness?

We have also created an in-depth guide to hospitality staff training including:

  • Identifying the 3 steps to a safer, more skilled, and motivated workforce
  • More top tips for reopening hospitality venues from Health and Safety and Compliance training specialist, Darren Hockley
  • A handy reopening checklist for your venue, offering advice on a range of topicsImage

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