How can eLearning help bridge the soft skills gap?

A former public school master has recently suggested that state schools aren’t doing a good enough job of imparting soft skills such as communication, teamwork and empathy in their students.

When high-performing school leavers or graduates enter the working world without a grounding in soft skills, they may initially excel, primed as they are to complete tasks to a high level.

As employees become more integrated into business activities, however, any soft skills defecit will lead to increasing levels of friction among teams.

The highest performing may even land themselves management positions, only to find themselves responsible for getting the best out of teams, yet lacking in the skills necessary to nurture talented employees.

When employees work for, or with, somebody with poor communication, integrity, empathy, or teamwork – soft skils, in other words – performance inevitably suffers, impacting overall productivity.

If staff who deal with customers lack soft skills, they could even be driving customers away.

Bridging the soft skills gap

In any business process, having poor skills is like driving a car with the handbrake on.

It therefore pays to ensure that all employees have the necessary skills to carry out business activities optimally, and make training available for those whose responsible for areas whose performance is in need of a boost.

Our Performance Management Suite is designed to meet this need.

The suite contains a wide range of ready-made eLearning courses including:

  • Manager’s Guides in a number of performance-related topics, helping managers to communicate effectively, set objectives, appraise performance, and get the most out of their teams.
  • Customer Focus courses to help all employees to co-operate in the delivery of quality service, communicate effectively with internal and external customers, identify and efficiently meet customer needs in a professional manner.
  • Essential Manager’s Guides to empower managers to effectively deal with several commonly occurring challenges including disciplinaries, flexible working, sickness absence and stress.

Delivering organisation-wide training in these areas will improve employee communication and teamwork skills, cutting down friction in business processes and driving your organisational performance – with the handbrake off!

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