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How can eLearning help you achieve organisational compliance?

Every business understands the need to be compliant, but actually achieving it is a complicated and ongoing process which causes headaches for business leaders.

An overwhelming number of regulations must be followed, and as organisations grow and the number of moving parts increases, so does the level of risk – and the complexity of managing it.

The problem? Compliance can’t be solved for an entire organisation in one fell swoop. Yet businesses still seek out ‘quick wins’ to their compliance problem.

Organisational behaviour

Organisational compliance is only possible when each individual employee understands exactly what is required of them. With regulations frequently changing and employees coming and going, each having their own job role and learning style, this is no easy task.

That’s a big part of the reason why many organisations’ compliance training efforts fail to yield the results they need.

Ideally, you’ll already have an awareness of what training is required for each employee, but even if you do, actually implementing the training can still prove a headache.

That’s where DeltaNet add value. Our Astute eLearning Platform has several features to help take the pain out of implementing compliance training.

Segment learners

In order to achieve regulatory compliance, certain employees will require training which is totally irrelevant to others.

Allocating training based on job role or department does not entirely solve this problem, which is why Astute enables custom segmentation of your learners.

Careful use of Astute’s custom fields allows you to segment your learners, rapidly delivering training to the right employees, at the right time.

Learning Analytics

Knowing which employees have completed what training is vital not only for audit purposes, but also determining your learning and development strategy.

When it comes to analytics, eLearning comes into its own against other training solutions.

Astute’s Learning Analytics go far beyond course completion reports. The Learning Analytics dashboard can be drilled into to give you powerful insights such as:

  • Which teams, departments or segments of employees are more engaged with training
  • Which subject areas would benefit from further training intervention
  • What the impact of your eLearning efforts has been on other key performance indicators
  • And of course, Course completion status for any segment of employees

Having an overview of which areas of knowledge are lacking in your organisation, or which employees are less engaged with training gives you more insight than ever before, which can dramatically boost your compliance efforts.

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