How can eLearning help you demonstrate organisational compliance?

Current investigations into suspected corruption at FIFA continue to attract global scrutiny, with widespread questions around the decision making and cash flow within the organisation.

Transparency and ethical behaviour is essential within any business organisation. As well as maintaining reputation, there are numerous legal requirements, and as we have seen, failing to adhere to compliance law can lead to criminal charges and large fines.

Whether you are a startup or large corporation, our specialist compliance eLearning is an effective way to ensure your organisation, and everyone within it, is compliant.

Incorporating eLearning into your organisation can help you answer questions like:

Where does your money come from and go to?

Any cash flowing through a business needs to be accounted for, and any individual failing to do so can put the entire organisation at risk.

Our compliance eLearning courses are designed to raise employees’ awareness of their legal requirements in subjects including anti-money launderinganti-bribery and corruption, and records management. This not only helps ensure all activity taking place is legal, but also that it is fully auditable.

How are business decisions made?

Businesses need to be transparent about the decision making process, especially where the exchange of money is involved, to ensure and prove that no bribery or corruption is taking place.

As well as compliance eLearning courses, we provide tools including our Gift and Hospitality Register which allows the monitoring and approval of all gifts, hospitality and travel your staff give or receive, facilitating demonstrate compliance with laws around anti-bribery and corruption.

Who does your organisation do business with?

As well as their own organisation’s procedures and training, businesses have a responsibility for due diligence into third party organisations they work with, to protect their reputation and ensure they are not supporting criminal activities.

Our compliance eLearning enables you to raise awareness of legal requirements among all employees, and our Third Party Database enables you to keep a record of all external contractors and companies your business works with.

Demonstrable, auditable compliance

Incorporating our eLearning courses and tools into your compliance programme gives you a fully auditable data trail, enabling you to be fully transparent about business activity, and pinpoint and address areas in need of attention.

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