NEW RELEASE: Civil Unrest eLearning Short Course

In times of uncertainty and political change, the likelihood of being caught up in civil unrest grows stronger. How many of us can say we would know what to do to if a riot broke out near our building?

Suitable for all employees, our Civil Unrest short course encourages employees to learn about the appropriate response to such serious incidents. It joins our Emergency Response suite, which when complete will also include Medical Emergency, Explosion, Active Shooter, Bomb Threat and Suspicious Items.

In the course, you are in a dangerous situation. A riot has broken out on the street by your building. You have a room full of customers and colleagues. Do you know how to keep yourself and others around you safe? Make the right decisions to collect 6 or more protective shields and pass!

See our new course HERE.

The course joins our Emergency Response collection of courses.

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