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NEW RELEASE: Introduction to the Equality Act 2010 eLearning Course

The Equality Act 2010 is the primary piece of legislation covering equality, diversity and discrimination in the UK. Understanding what it says, and the responsibilities and protections it lays out for employers and employees, is vitally important for everyone.

Our new eLearning course gives learners a thorough grounding on the law and its implications. Working with fictional examples that closely match real experiences, it shows what classes as direct and indirect discrimination, victimisation and discrimination by association and perception. The way the Act treats these concepts is covered in detail. The protected characteristics and the idea that we are all potential victims of discrimination are explored.

Our Introduction to the Equality Act 2010 deals with this important piece of legislation and what it means for modern workplaces. Training in this important issue is a vital tool in the fight to eradicate discrimination and build fairer, happier working environments.

See our new course HERE.

The Introduction to the Equality Act 2010 course joins our suite of Equality and Diversity courses.

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