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NEW RELEASE: Noise Exposure eLearning Course

Did you know that exposure to prolonged or loud noise at work can permanently damage your hearing? Around 21,000 UK workers suffer from work-related hearing problems, ranging from deafness to tinnitus. Nearly all of these cases were entirely avoidable.

Our new Noise Exposure online course is an engaging way to explore this potential health and safety hazard. Most workplaces can benefit from considering the impact of the noise they produce on their staff and people in the surrounding areas, and noise doesn’t have to be constant to be a potential issue.

In the course, you take on the role of a Health and Safety Consultant specialising in noise. While visiting Shady Oaks Industrial Park, you meet companies and employees with possible noise exposure problems. Answer the questions to help them assess and manage the risks of noise exposure and pass the course! Topics range from the correct way to use ear protection to how to modify premises to reduce the risks. Employee and employer responsibilities are both covered.

See our new New Exposure course HERE.

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