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NEW RELEASE: Product Liability eLearning Course

Product liability claims occur when product users are injured while using a product the way it was intended. When a product fails to work as intended, it could cause injury or loss of life and raise serious concerns for product manufacturers.

When a defect or potential defect is identified in a product, it raises concerns on product safety and integrity, posing a danger to end-users of the faulty products. Product liability laws and regulations are designed to protect consumers and ensure that product designers, manufacturers and promoters are aware of their responsibilities when developing products.

Some of the most infamous product recalls include over 41.6 million vehicles equipped with 56 million defective Takata airbags which could explode when deployed, causing serious injury or even death, and faulty ignition switches in General Motors (GM) vehicles which cost GM over $4.1 billion on repairing vehicles and settling compensation claims.

Businesses can mitigate the risks of product liability by developing products using reasonable care, helping avoid injuries that may arise from product use and save costs on the ensuing product recalls.

At DeltaNet International, we are firm believers in leveraging the power of awareness training to ensure compliance with product safety. Our upcoming eLearning course aims to raise awareness on product liability within businesses, focusing on the responsibilities of product designers, manufacturers, and promoters. Learners will go behind the scenes at a fictional firm Auto A-Z who are dealing with the consequences of a product recall of one of their products. Find out more about our new course HERE.

The Product Liability eLearning course joins our suite of Protecting Assets courses.

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