NEW RELEASE: Vulnerable Persons eLearning Course

Customer services staff are the first point of contact for customers when dealing with financial services firms. Staff are required to correctly advise customers and identify ‘vulnerabilities’ which may expose the customers to financial detriment.

Training your staff is key in helping to understand the significance of ‘vulnerabilities’ and the steps they are required to take as per the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) guidelines on safeguarding vulnerable persons. Firms must enable staff to understand FCA requirements on treating customers fairly while fulfilling their legal, business and social responsibilities.

Our new, immersive eLearning course explores how staff can use key communications techniques and make the right decisions, supporting vulnerable persons while meeting their compliance obligations. Go behind the scenes at the fictional bank, TrustUs and look at the various scenarios detailing vulnerabilities and how to support customers in vulnerable situations. Take the challenge to earn top Trustzar star ratings on the service you provide to customers. Your goal is to achieve a 5-star rating while correctly advising vulnerable customers and complying with the FCA’s requirements.

Find out more about our new course HERE.

The Vulnerable Persons eLearning course joins our suite of FCA Compliance courses.

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