NEW RELEASES: The Importance of Great Customer Service and the Three Cs of Customer Service

Customer service levels leave a lasting impression on all customers. It’s in every organisation’s best interests to invest in the customer service skills of their employees.

Our two new Take 5 Customer Service courses help you maximise this skillset and understand its crucial importance.

The New Customer Service Courses

The Three Cs of Customer Service – Organisations that put the needs of their customers at the heart of their ethos tend to have an edge over their competitors and provide a better overall service.

The Three Cs of Customer Service course explores Caring, Co-operating and Communication, and how they can help deliver excellent customer service. It provides practical advice regarding these values and how to use them during customer interactions.

The Importance of Great Customer Service – The key to providing great customer service is understanding the needs and expectations of the customer and communicating effectively with them. The reputation of your organisation is in the hands of every employee when they interact with both external and internal customers.

The Importance of Great Customer Service course explores the difference excellent customer service can make and the huge effect it has on client relations. By considering a scenario, learners see these principles in action.

The New Performance Suite

We’re excited about our new, upgraded Performance suite. Brought completely up-to-date, our Performance online learning equips all users with the skills they need to thrive in the ever-changing working world.

So, what are we doing with our new suite?

  • Redesigning the suite into a larger number of shorter bite sized courses
  • Focusing on transferable skills, such as Active Listening, Effective Questioning and Giving Useful Feedback.
  • Expanding the focus beyond Managers Training into Personal Effectiveness
  • Introducing new content areas such as Wellbeing and Coaching/Mentoring
  • Using gamified and immersive learning treatments to increase learner engagement
  • Applying a modern redesign to the content
  • Making all new modules compatible with the MyAstute App

Please note that Adobe Flash will no longer be supported by leading browsers from the end of 2020.

The old Customer Service courses, such as Customer Focus, Internal Customer Management and Customer Service Soft Skills, will be retired in December and replaced by the upgraded offering.

Look out for a steady stream of newly redeveloped Performance courses before the end of 2020 and in the early part of 2021. If you are not currently a customer and would like to know more about our all-new Performance suite, please email [email protected]

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