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Responsive Competition Law eLearning course available now

Competition law exists to prevent monopolies, remove trade barriers, and ensure the marketplace is fair and competitive.

Activities prevented by competition law include:

  • Restrictive agreements between businesses such as pricing agreements, market sharing and dividing up customers
  • Agreements which do not benefit consumers
  • Abuse of dominant market position

Breaching this legislation can lead to fines of up to 10% of worldwide revenue, imprisonment of individuals for up to 5 years, and debarring of company directors for up to 15 years.

Many common business activities carry a risk of competition law being breached inadvertently, such as planning marketing, pricing or distribution strategies, joint ventures, or participation in trade associations.

Our Competition Law eLearning course is designed to provide employees with an overall understanding of competition law and the knowledge to know when situations should be referred to the legal team.

The course is built with the Adapt Framework to be fully responsive and display elegantly on mobiles, tablets and personal computers, so employees can access it whenever the need arises, offering an effective mitigation of the risk of breaching competition law.

Click here for a free demo of our Competition Law eLearning course.

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