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Security Testing Confirms Continuing Excellence of Astute Platform

Protecting our client’s information has always been a top priority at DeltaNet International. We provide Information Security and Data Protection eLearning to other organisations, so we pride ourselves on practising what we preach.

We recently asked a third party CREST approved security specialist (3GRC) to conduct an annual penetration test on our eLearning platform, Astute. Over the course of several days, they subjected Astute to thousands of vigorous, industry-approved tests, checking every aspect of its data integrity. Throughout the process, there were no issues detected that would pose a major risk to customer data. This is an excellent testament to the platform’s security.

Of the thousands of tests applied, only four low level improvement opportunities were identified. We used these as action points to continue to ensure we’re complying with industry best practice, and provide the most secure eLearning platform available.

These results confirm we have exceptional security and take our responsibilities to our clients and their data very seriously. Our dedicated Astute team work hard to make sure our platform is the best it can be and are always working to improve the user experience.

Existing and potential clients are encouraged to view the full report; this can be obtained by contacting your account manager or representative.

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