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Seven new microlearning modules released

When annual refresher training time rolls around, you probably take it for granted that you’ll be hearing some of these common complaints:

  • “We’re too busy to complete mandatory training”
  • “The courses are too long and boring”
  • “We already know this information”
  • “It’s just a box ticking exercise to cover the company legally”

If any of these sound familiar, DeltaNet have the solution: Take 5 microlearning modules.

Out Take 5 modules are highly focused 5 minute bursts of learning built around behaviours that meet mandatory training requirements without taking up learners’ time, or re-treading material they’re familiar with.

Take 5s pack a lot of punch despite their small size. Each course features explanatory videos, audio narration throughout, and high levels of interaction.

Want to find out more? We have seven new Take 5 modules available now:

Money Laundering Challenge – do your employees know the lengths people will go to make laundered money look legitimate? In this challenge, learners discover how Frank the Fraudster laundered his cash, and must confiscate the laundered money by answering questions correctly.

Gifts and Hospitality Challenge – do your employees know what gifts are acceptable and what could be seen as bribery? Learners follow the story as a potential supplier offers an employee corporate seats at a football match – but can they make the right choices and keep hold of their integrity handshakes?

Setting a Secure Password – do your employees know how to set a secure password? This module shows learners how to set a strong password, keep it secure, and keep hackers at bay.

Is Your Information Secure? – your workplace contains more information security risks than your employees might realise. In this challenge, learners must collect all 8 information security shields by successfully tracking down the risks in a virtual workplace.

Don’t Get Burnt – would your employees know how to get to safety in the event of a fire? In this challenge, learners evacuate a building that’s on fire, but must make the right decisions along the way to make it out with all of their safety tokens.

Working with Dual Screens – there are numerous benefits to using more than one monitor, but failing to set them up correctly increases risk of injury. Once completed, learners will know how to set screens to the same resolution and set up differently sized screens for safe dual screen working.

Fire – Can You Handle It? – would your employees know which type of extinguisher to use if they had to fight a fire? In this challenge, learners need to choose the right extinguisher to put out all four different types of fire.

The above Take 5 modules are available now as part of Compliance Essentials and Health and Safety Essentials. Get in touch today to arrange a demo.

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