Struggling to engage employees with eLearning? Time to harness the power of microlearning with Take 5

Do you struggle to engage learners with your eLearning? Do your learners groan at the thought of annual training refreshers? Then it’s time to mix it up with our new range of Take 5 microlearning modules.

For the uninitiated, microlearning means short, highly specific bursts of information around a single learning objective. Keeping it short and to the point makes microlearning digestible and memorable. What’s not to love?

But that’s just scratching the surface of why we’re backing microlearning in our mission to engage learners with compliance / health and safety training. Take 5 and read on to find out what to expect from our microlearning modules.

Precision content

Whether it’s down to reduced attention spans, changing habits, or growing demands on our time, asking learners to focus on an eLearning course for even half an hour uninterrupted is a tall order.

That’s why Take 5 modules take a maximum of five minutes to complete – just like a coffee break. After all, who can’t make time for a coffee? If you’re thinking, “30 minutes into 5 doesn’t go…” Of course, you’re right, and you’ve identified the beauty of microlearning!

Rather than attempt to address every learning objective under the sun in one sitting, microlearning crystallises content around a single learning objective. This minimises bloat, keeps content relevant, and sends a clear message to learners: you value their time.

Bespoke curriculum

Early eLearning had much in common with books, right down to the page turning, but often lacked a key feature of books: the ability to skip irrelevant chapters. So, whatever the learner’s expertise, entire courses had to be completed from start to finish in a linear fashion.

Today, we’ve done away with page turning, embraced deep scrolling, and split courses into sections that can be completed any order – but to pass a course, learners must still complete every section. This either forces learners to sit through irrelevant training or forces you to develop bespoke courses.

Instead of that, why not pick and mix Take 5 modules to create a bespoke curriculum based on each learner’s capabilities, covering only the learning outcomes they need? Better yet, use a tool like Astute’s Performance Manager to identify those objectives and enrol learners for you.

Flexible format

Building standalone, 5 minute microlearning modules based around a single learning objective allows for far more flexibility than the complexity of creating cohesive, 30-minute-plus eLearning courses covering a variety of topics.

This frees us to get creative on and come up with the most engaging way to convey a single learning objective. We’ve already identified a variety of distinct formats for our Take 5 modules, each designed to appeal to different learning styles, including:

  • Challenge – gamified scenarios based around desirable behaviours.
  • Short Study – investigations subjects at a ‘need to know’ level for every day competence.
  • Presentation – video-based topic overviews, typically with case studies for extra emotional impact and engagement.
  • Toolbox Talk – designed to assist managers or trainers in facilitating face to face training sessions.

Of course, there’s no reason to stop there, and no need to limit a single learning objective to a single style. So if game-based learning works for some of your staff, but others love to just read the information, you’ll have a Take 5 module available to meet their needs.

Try Take 5 Today

We have over 65 Take 5 modules in development covering a variety of essential compliance / health and safety topics and plan to release 3-4 each month, but our first two are already available:

  • Money Laundering Challenge: puts learners in the role of fraud investigator – but will they be able to confiscate all of the money?
  • Gifts and Hospitality Challenge: asks learners to identify which gifts can be accepted and which are actually bribes.

Contact us now to arrange a demo or find out more.

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