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What has Team DeltaNet Been up to During the Lockdown?

For inspiration (or just for nosey parkers!), here’s what some of the team have been keeping busy with during lockdown:

Managing Director Darren Hockley

I’ve been focusing on quality family moments such as playing board games and having movie nights with the kids.

We’ve drawn up a roster for who chooses the film and a separate one for who chooses the pudding each night. We’ve also dusted off the jigsaws and plan to do one each weekend. Being as busy as I am I sometimes miss out on family time. So it’s good to look for the positives out of every situation. We’ve also been mopping up that long list of DIY jobs!

Operations Manager Jenny James

I’ve been staying active and here’s some of my top tips: when going outside for exercise, try to go a different route every day. Time yourself, count the number of steps – challenge yourself to do more every day. Take time to look at nature, enjoy the lack of traffic, and do a jigsaw!

Sales Manager Sarah Stainton:

I like to do a lot of exercise even on an ordinary week, so, for me, it was really important to get even more exercise given the reduced amount of fresh air I’m going to be getting indoors. Therefore, I signed up for a few of the free exercise apps that people are offering to ensure that I’m doing something different each day, and I’m making sure I get out for a daily walk/run too.

Marketing Manager James Walton:

I’ve actually really enjoyed the slower pace of life at weekends, no dashing here and there to swimming, martial arts, etc. with the kids (this is all good fun but quite hectic at times!).

I’ve got back into house music which has been my passion for the past 25 years, and I’ve been cooking more too which is another passion of mine. Nothing fancy, but highlights have been a lemon chicken risotto and lamb hotpot, both of which went down well with the kids which is half the battle!

I think we’ve all been really lucky with the weather, so there’s been BBQ’s and lovely family walks too.

Instructional Designer Tara MacKinnon:

Here’s a few things I’ve been doing:

  • Daily laps of the local park – that luckily lets me continue to feed my Pokemon Go habit at the same time as getting my daily exercise allowance in.
  • Getting the garden ready for a self-sufficient mini allotment that I’ve been planning for years but not gotten around too
  • Daily choir practice with Home Malone … not plucked up the courage to actually record me and submit it yet though
  • Daily video calls with the family – spoken to them more in the last week than I did all of last year I think!!
  • Listening to my playlists and dancing around the living room
  • Doing the virtual pub quiz on Thursday nights and comparing scores with my friends on messenger and Facebook
  • Virtual boardgames using Board Game Arena and discord to chat to the other gamers
  • Re-learning to play the guitar with Fender free lessons. Although, I haven’t actually had time to start this yet other than to put new batteries in my autot-tuner!

Business Development Executive Lara Kendall:

After 26 years I finally have the time (and absolutely no valid excuses) to learn how to cook. Luckily Hello Fresh has still been delivering so I’m not doing it totally alone. I will be attempting to make Duck A L’Orange tonight, so wish me luck! It’s a great way to unwind after work.

I’ve also had the opportunity to have a clear out in my bedroom. I’ve found a host of skincare products and face masks that I had forgotten about, that coupled with my no-make-up look whilst isolating philosophy will hopefully mean I have glowing skin by the end of this lockdown!

Alongside doing the standard video chats with my friends and family, I’ve also started sending letters and care packages to my grandparents. Just including small things like photos or seeds for their garden but it’s something they can look forward to!

Want to add your favourite lockdown activity? Drop [email protected] an email to be included.

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