Course Overview

This online training course Global Anti-Money Laundering (AML) explores the AML legislation and the offences that can be committed in relation to money laundering, and what the legislation means for global organisations and their employees. This course covers general legal requirements for anti-money laundering on a global level including the roles and responsibilities that help organisations to comply. The course also covers what is criminal property and how to identify and report unusual activity.

Divided into five modules, the course can be taken all at once for a holistic, detailed introduction to AML, or learners can take and revisit separate modules to suit their schedule and preferred learning style. Modules are as follows:

  • Legislation, Responsibility, and Policy
  • What is Money Laundering?
  • Identifying Unusual Activity
  • Reporting Unusual Activity
Anti-Money Laundering (Global) Training
Anti-Money Laundering (Global) Training
Anti-Money Laundering (Global) Training
Anti-Money Laundering (Global) Training
Anti-Money Laundering (Global) Training
Anti-Money Laundering (Global) Training
Anti-Money Laundering (Global) Training
Anti-Money Laundering (Global) Training

Course Duration: 55 minutes

Available in: 1 Language

  • English English

Tagged in: Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Training

Technical Requirements

CPD Points: No

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What to Expect

By taking our anti-money laundering course, you will come away with an understanding of the following:

  • What is money laundering
  • What are the different AML responsibilities for regulated and non-regulated sector businesses
  • Which anti-money laundering policies help organisations manage AML risks
  • What roles must an organisation have to comply with money laundering legislation
  • Which policies should organisations have in place to comply with anti-money laundering legislation
  • What is defined as criminal property
  • Which are the higher-risk business sectors
  • What are the AML red flags to look for when detecting unusual activity
  • What information is required to report unusual AML activity

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Anti-Money Laundering (Global) Training
Anti-Money Laundering (Global) Training
Anti-Money Laundering (Global) Training
Anti-Money Laundering (Global) Training
Anti-Money Laundering (Global) Training


In the US alone, it is estimated that between $800 billion and $2 trillion of criminal finance is laundered annually. With money laundering activities having such a negative impact on the worldwide economy, there is specific anti-money laundering (AML) legislation in place to ensure organisations can identify and mitigate the risks of facilitating money laundering. Training employees is vital in ensuring your workforce is aware of AML legislation globally and can report and prevent offences committed in relation to money laundering.

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