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Posted by: India Wentworth Published: Thu, 30 Aug 2018 Last Reviewed: Thu, 30 Aug 2018
Code of Conduct Compliance

Whatever your business type or size, all organisations should be compliant when it comes to having a code of conduct. They work as a set of internal guidelines for employees to follow, and also serve as an external statement of corporate values and commitments.

A well-written code of conduct works alongside the organisation's values and principles to set the standards when it comes to employee behaviour in the workplace. Consequently, the code of conduct within a business becomes the benchmark to live up to.

Complying to these codes means that not only is there greater understanding of expectations on employees, but it also improves your brand image, in both cases highlighting the benefits that compliance has on the company.

A code can support employees in general decision making by giving them a structure to follow when it comes to company behaviour, resulting in a workforce that is prepared to deal with any problems that come their way. Additionally, it can serve as a valuable reference for potential customers and clients by letting them know your values as a business, and as a result a healthy business relationship can flourish.

Code of Conduct Compliance

How can a Code of Conduct Produce a Compliant Culture?

The majority of larger businesses already comply to having a code of conduct, but smaller companies tend to go about their day-to-day business without a formal code in place. It must be stressed that all businesses should be code of conduct compliant now though. Whatever your size or industry, a code of conduct is a must-have.

Having a code of conduct can give employees rules to follow from the moment they join the company, reducing the chances of problems occurring, and making the process of dealing with issues a lot easier when they crop up too.

As well as this, a code of conduct can let employees know what they need to do if they ever have to report a violation of company policies, again making everything a bit more straightforward for employees.

Employees have a greater understanding of the business rules by having a code of conduct to follow, and the rules you set can then impress customers too, giving them an insight into how you run your business. This all means that the working situation for staff is improved and your business values are promoted too, attracting customers in the process.

A strong code of conduct teaches the best practices in business and can help contribute to a compliant culture as a result. Many big names are code of conduct compliant, such as:


Their code of conduct is a detailed and thorough document, highlighting key policies that all employees should be familiar with. Each section of the code of conduct provides employees with a clear understanding of what their responsibilities are and the red flags that may arise in different situations.

This easy-to-understand document is focused on helping employees make the best choices based on the company's values, creating a compliant culture in the process. The company has also provided a clear description of reporting processes, retaliation policies and corrective action policies.

Procter & Gamble

Their worldwide code of conduct outlines the company's basic values whilst also describing the organisation's approach to appropriate conduct. The code of conduct is prefaced by the company's purpose, values, and principles, highlighting how everything links.

The code covers a variety of topics related to their operations, including compliance with legal requirements, appropriate behaviour in the workplace, money laundering and commercial rights. By dealing with these workplace issues, they are proactive in their push for a compliant culture.

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