Our Competition Law Training Courses

Bid Suppression

This online training course on bid suppression is presented in our engaging Take 5 microlearning format. It explores bid suppression as one aspect of supplier fraud and what it means for the learner. The course pits the learner... Read More »

5 minutes

Collusive Bidding

This online training course on collusive bidding looks at how it enables supplier fraud and what it means for you and your organisation. It is set in out engaging Take 5 microlearning style and is designed to maximise learner... Read More »

5 minutes

Competing Fairly

This online training course is designed to raise awareness about Competition Law, what types of agreements are acceptable under Competition Law and the principles of competing fairly. The course also covers best practice... Read More »

30 minutes

Leaking Bid Information

This online training course on leaking bid information explores how supplier fraud can occur if bid information is leaked and focuses on recognition and prevention. The course is designed to raise awareness around competition... Read More »

5 minutes

Tailoring: You can tailor all of the courses in this topic using the free Adapt Authoring Tool.

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Our Competition Law Training courses are available as part of the Online Compliance Training Suite in one great package.

Competition Law Training

Our Competing Fairly training course is designed to help learners recognise how Competition Law can affect organisations, and also how to work with suppliers, competitors, and customers fairly so as to avoid a regulatory breach. The course, which takes around an hour to complete and is currently available in multiple languages, breaks Competition Law down into three easy-to-digest modules: what Competition Law is, an exploration of Competition Law offences, and a closer look at the Competition Law investigation process.

Competition Law Training
Competition Law Training

Each module in this Competition Law training course is followed by a short quiz designed to assess learners' retention of key learning points and reinforce any areas in need of additional work. What's more, at every step of the way throughout this competition law course, learners' have access to a 'drawer' icon where key resources mentioned in the module can be quickly accessed and reviewed.

The global version of this course is available in 18 alternative languages.

Useful for quick and effective refresher training, or to support and assess your main learning objectives, our Competition Law 'Take 5' microlearning courses are perfect to have on hand as part of your competition compliance efforts. Ensure your employees are confident about tackling the acts of Bid Suppression and Collusive Bidding with our gamified short-courses. Additionally, raise awareness about the important of confidentiality with our preventative mini-course, Leaking Bid Information.

All our Competition Law training courses are available off-the-shelf for ease of use; we can also work with your subject experts to tailor the approach and information to suit your organisation's requirements. Using the Adapt Authoring Tool you can even modify our courses yourself.

Competition Law Training

Why do you need Competition Law Training?

Any business, regardless of size or sector, must recognise the importance of training their staff on the significance of Competition Law. This is the legislation put in place to regulate and maintain fair market conditions for all companies. It ensures that corporations don't abuse their position in the market or enter into anti-competitive agreements with customers, competitors, or suppliers.

Failure to comply with Competition Law can have very serious consequences for organisations. High fines (up to 10% of company turnover) and criminal prosecutions are no longer out of the ordinary, and company directors will often be forced to answer for their company's actions – potentially facing disqualification from the industry themselves.

What does Competition Law do?

Competition Law ensures that practices which are detrimental to economic growth, freedom of trade, and consumer rights are restricted and, in many cases, prohibited. These regulations limit anti-competitive practices, especially from powerful organisations, and stop companies from abusing their position and/or strategically limiting other competitive forces. In short, Competition Law ensures that organisations remain enterprising and innovative, and that consumers are the ones to reap the benefits of these practices.

What is unfair competition?

Acts of unfair competition are those which unfairly and purposefully hinder the free market. They can be characterised by deception, fraud, attempting to monopolise, or by being otherwise oppressive toward free trade and commerce practices. Some examples of unfair competition include false advertisement, trademark infringement, false representation, unfair pricing, and counterfeiting.