Cyber Security Training

An engaging mix of CPD Certified online Cyber Security training and shorter courses to protect your Business Data. This collection of 12 courses can all be taken individually or as part of a package to provide a complete solution.

Cyber Security Training

Our Cyber Security Training Courses

Records Management

Many business decisions rest on accurate records management. All organisations benefit when their records are correctly classified, stored and maintained. Our Records Management (Global) training course teaches learners the... Read More »

25 minutes

Risks to Digital Information - Toolbox Talk

Our Risks to Digital Information Toolbox Talk is a multimedia facilitation resource for training a small group or team on the basics of risks to digital information. The format of this course is designed to encourage discussion... Read More »

15 minutes

Securing Mobile Devices

An engaging online training course on Securing Mobile Devices, designed to raise awareness on using mobile devices at work and protecting business information. In this interactive microlearning course, learners will understand... Read More »

5 minutes

Setting a Secure Password

An engaging online training course on setting a secure password, enabling learners to understand the importance of strong passwords and help them create a secure password. Packed with useful hints and tips that learners can... Read More »

5 minutes

Social Media Awareness

Social media has changed the way we interact with others, both in our personal and professional lives. However, using it inappropriately can lead to reputational damage and the unauthorised sharing of confidential company... Read More »

20 minutes

Social Media Challenge

Combining immersive eLearning with interactivity and gamification, the Using Social Media Challenge is designed to be as engaging as it is informative. Throughout the course, learners follow 'John' as he leads a sophisticated... Read More »

10 - 15 minutes

Understanding Social Engineering

Our Social Engineering course details all types of social engineering attacks, from baiting, phishing, spear phishing, pretexting and scare ware, giving the user important information about the ways in which each of these... Read More »

5 minutes

Using Email and the Internet Securely

This online training course on email and internet security demonstrates the risks facing organisations when using email and the Internet for the communications and delivery of their products and services. The course is designed... Read More »

5 minutes

Using Portable Storage Devices Securely

This online training course on using portable storage devices securely demonstrates the risks facing organisations when using portable devices to store or share business information. The course is designed to raise awareness... Read More »

5 minutes

Tailoring: You can tailor all of the courses in this topic using the free Adapt Authoring Tool.

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Our Cyber Security Training courses are available as part of the Compliance Training Online Suite in one great package.

Cyber Security eLearning

Did you know that the biggest risk to your company's digital security is your employees? Most organisations that have suffered a cyber-breach did so because their employees inadvertently created an entry-point to the systems that hackers could take advantage of – and this is why cyber security training is so important.

Our suite of cyber security eLearning courses are designed to deliver effective training in an easily-digestible format that focuses on the main cyber security threats to your organisation. The microlearning format means that each course is sharply focused on one particular learning objective and can be completed in five minutes, increasing the level of engagement with the user and maximising the amount of knowledge retained.

Cyber Security eLearning
Cyber Security Training

Additionally, we also offer a more holistic information security course that addresses physical as well as digital security threats, as well as courses on the new EU-wide GDPR legislation, with its increased focus on internet security.

All our cyber security training courses are available off-the-shelf for ease of use; we can also work with your subject experts to tailor the approach and information to suit your organisation's requirements. Using the Adapt Authoring Tool you can even modify our courses yourself.

Cyber Security Short Courses

Microlearning is a great way to condense highly-relevant information and deliver it to learners in short, very specific and engaging bursts. Our range of Cyber Security 'Take 5' courses are perfect to refresh learners' minds about cyber security risks and keep awareness levels at their highest. We also offer an engaging short-course (about 15 minutes in length), which is designed to challenge employees on their knowledge of using social media safely. You can read more about this new, exciting and immersive course over on the Using Social Media Challenge page.

Our Cyber-Security Microlearning courses cover a wide-range of topics, all designed to refresh and engage your learners with relevant and useful content in 5 minutes or less. Click on the courses below to find out more:

Protecting Information (Physical Risks)

Protecting Information (Digital Risks)

Consequences of Cybercrime

Securing Mobile Devices


Protecting your Identity Challenge

Setting a Secure Password

Understanding Social Engineering

Using Portable Storage Devices

Using email and the Internet Securely

Cyber Security Short Courses

Why is Cyber Security training important?

The last two decades have seen organisations become increasingly reliant on the internet. However, along with improved communication and increased access to information and answers, the internet has brought with it new threats that specifically target computer information systems, networks, and infrastructures.

Every day, hackers use techniques such as phishing and social engineering to illegally access businesses' confidential data and either steal, alter, or destroy it. They may also resort to blackmail in order to hand-back control of systems and databases through the use of "ransomware". There are an increasing number of high-profile hacking incidents reported in the news and, with internet devices more widely used than ever before, the threat of cyber-attacks is very much here to stay.

Cyber security weaknesses pose a real threat to your organisation; imagine the financial and reputational consequences you could be faced with if your organisation was the next to be targeted?

Ever the hot topic for organisations and individuals alike, in the current climate cyber security affects everyone. From high profile instances of hacking in the news to phishing scams and extra secure passwords, cyber security is a critical issue for any business that wishes to protect its systems, networks, and data from prying eyes and data protection breaches.

No matter their size or the industry they operate in, cyber security breaches can devastate organisations – not least due to the extensive legal, financial, and reputational damage they can cause. After all, how inclined would you be to work with a company who failed to train their staff about proper security management and lost your data in the process?

The good news is that cyber security courses from DeltaNet International can help protect your company and prevent security breaches by offering relevant compliance training when and where it suits you. Our cyber security training can be taken on smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops with the eye-catching design and user interface rendering perfectly across all platforms. We employ a mixture of eLearning and microlearning courses to tackle the issue of cyber security at work. Our cyber security courses utilise a variety of techniques to bring the training to life such as quizzes, challenges, games and real life case-studies.

Our extensive experience in cyber security training has shown us that lively, interactive training will yield greater learner engagement and increased knowledge retention than traditional question and answer style courses.

What is Cyber Security training?

Cyber security training is essential for organisations that wish to remain vigilant against the threat of cyber-attacks. It works by familiarising employees with the type of threats they may encounter online, allowing them to recognise and isolate any suspicious looking activity before a breach occurs. Cyber security training also reinforces the importance of using digital equipment securely (for instance, setting a strong password and changing it regularly) and it provides guidance on best practices for browsing the internet, using email, social media, and so on. These practices can be applied both inside and outside of the workplace.

Cyber security training is important because, without it, members of staff are at risk of making errors in judgement that could result in data security breaches, company down-time, or financial loss. Cyber-attacks can have huge consequences for organisations that, for example, rely on their reputation for handling sensitive data or that use computer-based networks to share information between departments and offices. By training staff on what risks they face, how to avoid them, and how to report suspicious activity, employers can protect both their staff and their organisation from internet-based threats.