Our Data Protection Courses

Personal Data Protection

This online training course on personal data protection focuses on educating employees about the legislation around data protection, with an emphasis on accountability and ownership when it comes to processing and storing... Read More »

60 minutes

Accountability and GDPR

This online training course explores the obligations for accountability under the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and what it means for organisations affected by it. The course is designed to educate members... Read More »

5 minutes

Freedom of Information

This online training course enables learners to understand what freedom of information is and how it applies to them. The course is specifically designed to prepare employees to appropriately deal with FOI requests received... Read More »

20 minutes

Right to be Forgotten: Erasure

This engaging course outlines the various situations in which organisations are required to delete or stop processing an individual's personal data without delay, including when an individual requests it under specific circumstances.... Read More »

5 minutes

Using Big Data Ethically

This online training course on big data enables organisations to empower their employees on using big data ethically, obeying the principles of transparency, respecting the law, ensuring fairness and protecting data integrity.... Read More »

5 minutes

Data Protection Impact Assessment Toolkit

This helpful Toolkit enables you to understand the purpose of Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs), the benefits and the important steps in the DPIA process. The Toolkit is designed to raise awareness on how DPIAs can... Read More »

15 minutes

Preventing a Data Breach

This online training course enables learners to understand the consequences of data breaches and the measures to take to prevent them in the first place. The course explores the causes of data breaches and enables learners... Read More »

30 minutes

Introduction to Personal Data Protection

This introductory eLearning course on data protection introduces the learner to data protection legislation and the importance of protecting the personal data held and processed by your organisation. It reflects on the types... Read More »

45 minutes

Reporting a Personal Data Breach

Our short course on GDPR compliance focuses on reporting a suspected personal data breach. You're the Data Protection Officer for your company, Beedlestones. You've been alerted to a possible data breach. Make the right decisions... Read More »

5-10 minutes

GDPR in 5 minutes

This online training course on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is designed to educate members of staff who process personal data of their obligations under the GDPR. The microlearning course offers a quick refresher... Read More »

5 minutes

Understanding Personal Data

This engaging online training course on Understanding Personal Data is designed to raise awareness on how to correctly handle personal data in the workplace. In this interactive microlearning course, learners will understand... Read More »

5 minutes

Tailoring: You can tailor all of the courses in this topic using the free Adapt Authoring Tool.

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Our Data Protection courses are available as part of the Compliance Training Online Suite in one great package.

Data Protection Training

Our Data Protection eLearning training course is a great introductory way to ensure that all staff in charge of handling information are introduced to the data protection regulations, including the difference between types of data, and what the eight principles of data protection are. Following this, our 'Global Data Protection' course offers a more in-depth look at data protection, and also covers data protection risks that may encountered working abroad.

Data Protection Training
Data Protection

Our immersive eLearning course, 'Preventing a Data Breach', is set inside of a virtual organisation where the aim is to decide whether various members of staff have breached data protection principles or not. As the name suggests, immersive eLearning is a great way to encourage active participation in the learning experience and these courses work especially well when used in conjunction with our more traditional eLearning courses.

All our data protection training courses are available off-the-shelf for ease of use; we can also work with your subject experts to tailor the approach and information to suit your organisation's requirements. Using the Adapt Authoring Tool you can even modify our courses yourself.

GDPR Training Courses

We offer a range of eLearning courses designed to get your employees feeling confident, motivated, and ready for GDPR. Introduction to GDPR is a great place to start to ensure your learners understand the basics about GDPR compliance and can identify vulnerable areas when it comes to protecting data. For organisations looking for a more in-depth approach to the new legislation, Protecting Data (GDPR) is a comprehensive and informative eLearning course which covers the new GDPR laws, its principles, rights, and obligations, as well as a section about potential data breaches and how to avoid them. At the end of this course, learners will be asked to answer scenario-based questions to test their knowledge.

Our range of GDPR-ready microlearning and short courses offers learners a closer look at some of the key principles of GDPR, as well offering quick tips on how to prepare for the legislation. Click on the courses below for more information.


Erasure: The Right to be Forgotten

GDPR Data Protection Impact Assessments

Preparing for GDPR

GDPR Training Courses

Why is Data Protection training important?

Data Protection refers to the set of laws and principles designed to protect personal data stored by organisations as either electronic or paper files. These regulations control how personal data is used, stored, and shared by organisations, government bodies, and businesses alike. Everyone responsible for handling personal data (e.g. data controllers and data processors) must follow strict guidelines and principles to ensure that personal information is used fairly and compliantly, and multinational companies will often have to comply with the data protection laws of more than one country.

So, why is data protection so important? Well, apart from the risk of audits – and even criminal prosecution – from the Information Commissioner's Office (or similar authorities overseas), the main purpose of data protection regulation is to preserve the interests of the individuals whose personal data is being stored and processed. That's why it's so vital for organisations to protect themselves and their employees from risk by providing full and effective data protection training. With proper training, the likelihood of a data breach is greatly reduced.

What is Data Protection training?

Data protection training teaches the fundamental principles and practical requirements for complying with the eight principles of The Data Protection Act. As well as preparing staff for data handling responsibilities, this type of training will also educate employees on how to identify breaches (or potential breaches) of the Act and how to react and report these appropriately.

Data protection training is important because organisations have a responsibility to demonstrate their compliance when it comes to data protection and the new GDPR legislation (from May 2018). Organisations and individuals who breach data protection regulations risk criminal charges, large fines, and lasting reputational damage.

Who needs data protection training?

Everyone who is responsible for handling data must follow the data protection principles and should receive training on what these regulations are. Additionally, from May 2018, all staff involved in processing any sort of personal information – from employee records to customer contact details – must have an understanding of the new EU-wide GDPR legislation.

How can you make data protection training interesting for your business?

eLearning is an efficient way to provide training, but its chances of success can be boosted enormously if employers ensure to provide courses that are user-friendly and engaging. At DeltaNet International we believe in 'refreshing eLearning'. In other words, eLearning that is fun to complete (i.e. uses story-telling, immersive environments and gamification) and that applies directly to the learners using it (e.g. how to apply legislation to their everyday job function). We've also created a whole host of microlearning courses that are perfect for refreshing and reinforcing key learning objectives, in short, five-minute bursts. What's more, all our courseware is responsively designed to work on any device with internet access so users can truly access training anytime, any place.

Data Protection Insights

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