Preventing a Data Breach

Data Breach Prevention eLearning for your Business

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A data breach is any incident in which confidential and/or protected information has actually or potentially being accessed by an unauthorised individual. To keep the private information they store about people safe, it is important that organisations take measures to prevent breaches from happening and train their staff to remain vigilant on this matter.

Preventing a Data Breach – Course Overview

A truly immersive and motivating eLearning experience, this course is set inside a virtual organisation, Antilion Tech Ltd. The learner is challenged to meet with members of staff to explore different scenarios and uncover potential data breaches as they occur. The more points raised with management correctly, the higher the score at the end!

What to expect from our Preventing a Data Breach eLearning module:

Suitable for employees at all levels, the key learning outcomes of this data protection course are:

  • What constitutes a data protection breach
  • What the Data Protection Act is
  • The 8 principles of the Data Protection Act
  • The rights of the individual
  • What constitutes an offence
  • How to handle personal data
  • Who has responsibility for data protection

Course duration: 30 minutes

Technical requirements

As with all of our Compliance eLearning you can tailor this course to your specific requirements using the Adapt Authoring Tool

You can buy this course on its own or for greater value why not buy the full suite of compliance training courses?

You can buy this course on its own or for greater value why not buy the full package of Compliance training courses? Read More

Preventing a Data Breach
  • Preventing a Data Breach
  • Preventing a Data Breach
  • Preventing a Data Breach
  • Preventing a Data Breach

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