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Driving at Work Training for Safer Travel During Business Hours

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Collections are unique solutions designed to bring together the convenience and cost effectiveness of off-the-shelf eLearning with all the benefits of an engaging, bespoke training curriculum.

Our new Collections feature a variety of learning styles and fresh content to improve engagement and provide a long term solution to your training needs.

Using Collections, your organisation can enjoy the best of both worlds, giving you ready-made, holistic training programmes designed to deliver a multi-year training strategy with fresh content year-on-year.

Adaptive Courses

  • An innovative new approach to promote knowledge retention and learner engagement

  • Pre-assessment identifies areas of strengths and weaknesses

  • Course is automatically tailored to cover gaps in learners’ knowledge

  • Significantly reduces unnecessary training time

Our Adaptive Courses

Immersive Courses

  • Scenario-based courses

  • Place the learner at the centre of the experience

  • Test their ability to make the right decisions.

  • Highly interactive; designed to improve learner engagement.

Our Immersive Courses

Driving at Work Challenge

Avoid traffic accidents from driving at work with our immersive, interactive Driving at Work Challenge course.

Help transport manager Oliver, driver Hussain and salesperson Emma as they plan, prepare for and drive their routes for the day. Make the right choices as they navigate vehicle breakdowns, drowsiness and driving staff shortages, keeping themselves and other road users safe. Keep the risk-o-meter in the green to pass!

Microlearning Courses

  • Short 5-10 minute learning vignettes

  • Focussed on key topics

  • Improve knowledge retention with bite size learning

  • Can be rolled out in response to emerging training needs.

Our Microlearning Courses

Driving at Work – How to Check Your Vehicle

Driving is one of the most dangerous work activities. It can be dangerous not only for the people driving, but the public too and anyone working alongside the road, such as police and maintenance workers.

Maintaining your vehicle is a key duty in road safety. Work vehicles are work equipment and it’s important everyone takes steps to ensure they are safe for use. Our Checking your Vehicle Before Driving at Work short course details some of the basic vehicle checks employees can undertake before making a work-related road trip.

This course is available as both a Take 5 and a Toolbox Talk, suitable for small group learning.

Driving at Work – Preparing for your Journey

Driving is one of the most dangerous work activities. Do you know what to do to ensure you stay safe and avoid becoming a hazard to others on the road?

Our Preparing for your Journey short course explores the basic preparations and planning that needs to take place before any work journey.

This course is available as both a Take 5 and a Toolbox Talk, suitable for small group learning.

Detailed Study Courses

  • Utilises what we would call a ‘traditional’ eLearning approach, meaning that learners are presented with the information then tested at the end

  • Information is presented in an interactive, engaging way

  • Longer, detailed courses

Our Detailed Study Courses

Driving at Work

Employers have a duty of care to their employees and this includes when they’re on the road. There are clear risks to driving at work but for many people it’s an unavoidable part of their job role.

Our Driving at Work course is designed to reduce the risk for employers, as well as help to keep employees out of harm’s way by reinforcing safe driving techniques. Whether you’re on the road daily or only travel occasionally to major events, you will benefit from knowing how to stay safe on the roads.

Communications Resources

To positively reinforce the learning messages in our courses we also provide you with a suite of communications resources, including:
  • Engaging resources to print out and display in the workplace

  • Share digitally via intranet, newsletter or display screen.

  • Promote a culture of compliance

  • Reinforce key behaviours

Our Communications Resources

Toolbox Talks

  • Resources based on corresponding courses

  • Designed to facilitate a blended learning experience for small groups.

  • Includes downloadable facilitation notes

  • Use as part of face-to-face training.

Our Toolbox Talks Courses

Phishing Simulator

To positively reinforce the learning messages in our courses we also provide you with a suite of communications resources, including:
  • Send simulated phishing emails to your employees

  • Track and report on who opens them

  • Our AI driven platform will assess their learning needs

  • Auto enrol employees on our Phishing and Information Security courses to make your business more secure
Our Driving at Work Courses
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Our Collections help you to:

A Flexible Solution

  • Collections are designed to offer a highly flexible, easily scalable and agile alternative to traditional off the shelf training.

  • Our collections offer a variety of different learning interventions and styles, providing each organisation the flexibility to create a training plan that meets their unique requirements.

A Scalable Solution

  • Collections are easily scalable too; whether you need to provide in-depth training, refresher training or a comprehensive schedule of short training activities, each collection provide enough options to roll out a unique training programme year after year.

An Agile Solution

  • As they are off the shelf, our collections are ready when you are and can be deployed quickly and easily in direct response to the changing level of risk being faced by your organisation.

  • Each collection is updated with new courses as we develop them, so your training programme can be fresh each year and your training is always up to date, relevant and effective.

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Driving at Work FAQs

According to the Department for Transport work related car accidents are the biggest cause of work related accidental death, with between 800 and 1000 people killed annually.

Ensuring that employees are fully trained is crucial to organisations not only to ensure their safety but to minimise the risk of prosecution under the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act in the event of a fatality. The Act applies to all businesses requiring employees to drive for work purposes and any organisation guilty of an offence is liable for an unlimited fine, recommended to not be below £500,000.

It makes sense that people who drive for their job are exposed to the risks of the road more often than people who don’t. In fact the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) estimates that up to a third of all road traffic accidents involve a person that is driving for work.

Obviously, this includes people who work as bus or HGV drivers, delivery drivers, and taxi drivers, but it is also important to remember that even people who drive for work less frequently, company representatives or maintenance workers for example, are still at risk whenever they’re on the road.

Employers have duties under health and safety law to manage the risks faced by their workers on the road, and also a moral duty of care to protect their employees, the general public, and the reputation of their company. Organisations should ensure that a clear driving for work policy is in place and that sufficient driving training has been given prior to asking employees to drive for work purposes to improve road safety and reduce risk.

Driving at Work eLearning

Our Driving at Work eLearning course and Driving at Work Challenge eLearning course detail what the relevant legislation is about driving at work, and what responsibilities employers versus employees have for ensuring safety whilst on the road. The courses also explore how to carry out a thorough risk assessment and include assessments on key learning points so users can test their knowledge and understanding of the subject.

In addition to our driving at work eLearning, we also offer Checking your Vehicle Before Driving at Work and Preparing for your Journey courses. A great addition to your driving at work health and safety training, these courses takes just five minutes to complete and details what steps to check prior to driving to mitigate risks and avoid driving related hazards.

All our driving at work training courses are available off-the-shelf for ease of use; we can also work with your subject experts to tailor the approach and information to suit your organisation’s requirements. Using the Adapt Authoring Tool you can even modify our courses yourself.


Uber case highlights employers’ driving at work health and safety responsibilities

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