Ethics Training

Our CPD Certified eLearning is an effective medium for communicating your Ethics Training; it allows you to combine storytelling with scenario-based examples with assessments and memorable graphics and videos.

Ethics Training

Our Ethics Training Courses

Code of Conduct

This online training course explores the main areas of implementing a code of conduct in the workplace. It includes examples of dilemmas learners could face and guidance on how to make the right decisions. The course is designed... Read More »

45 minutes

Conflict of Interests

This immersive course explains what conflicts of interest are, how to determine what constitutes a conflict of interest and whether you need to report a potential conflict of interest to your organisation. Learners are guided... Read More »

15 minutes

Insider Trading

In this immersive course, learners follow a fictitious character, Claire, as she struggles to decide if it's legal to buy shares in her company. Throughout the course, Claire receives advice from family and friends, and learners... Read More »

10 minutes


This engaging course on whistleblowing is designed to help employees speak out against fraud and other wrongdoing by explaining what whistleblowing means and does, and how it is protected by law. Learners will gain an understanding... Read More »

30 minutes

Whistleblowing (Global)

This engaging course on whistleblowing is designed to empower employees globally in understanding what whistleblowing actually means, how to do it and what protection is offered legally. Through examples and scenario-led... Read More »


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Our Ethics Training courses are available as part of the Compliance Training Online Suite in one great package.

Code of Conduct Training Courses

A good Code of Conduct will provide an ever-present reference point for employees dealing with ethical dilemmas and grey areas about their job role and the culture they work within.

Code of Conduct Training Courses
Ethics Training

An effective Code of Conduct/Code of Ethics course allows organisations to:

  • Communicate the tone from the top (a way of establishing corporate culture as it is understood by its leadership team. In this sense, leaders both create codes of conduct and live by them).
  • Create a common framework for employees to work to (tell employees what is expected of them and what they can expect from the organisation)
  • Build a compliance culture
  • Align employees with the organisations values
  • Get new starters off to the right start
  • Provider refresher training for existing staff

Conflicts of Interest

Conflicts of interest or potential conflicts of interests can cause reputational and financial damage to your organisation.

How does your organisation manage these risks?

Employees may feel reluctant to declare a potential conflict of interest for fear of getting into trouble. After all, the very process of declaring a potential conflict of interest can seem like an admission of guilt!

It is important that your employees understand the importance of registering conflicts of interest because it affords management the chance to take measures that protect both the organisation's reputation and the integrity of the employee in question. Avoiding a conflict of interest or a perceived conflict of interest in the workplace is usually impossible, however, with a proper understanding of how to identify and mitigate a conflicting interest or potential conflict of interest, the risk of improper or unprofessional acts taking place is greatly reduced.

Conflicts of Interest
Ethics Training

DeltaNet International's conflicts of interest eLearning provides employees with an engaging insight into what could constitute a conflict of interest and why it is important to declare these to their manager. It covers how to report a potential conflict of interest and what will happen once it has been reported. When used in conjunction with our conflict of interest online declaration form with integrated workflows for approval and processing purposes, you'll have a holistic and cost effective solution to managing conflict of interest risks within your organisation.

Whistleblowing Training

It's good practice to develop a clear whistleblowing policy where employees feel safe to speak up on issues they have concerns about. Our whistleblowing eLearning course provides training materials and clearly describes what constitutes and necessitates whistleblowing action and what the four stages of whistleblowing (decide, speak up, review, speak out) entail.

Whistleblowing Training
Ethics Training

Our online whistleblowing eLearning course reviews the policies and legal protection for whistleblowers and demonstrates a realistic scenario whereby the Citizen's Advice Bureau and the ACAS whistleblowing hotline is used to report an employee's concerns. The course also offers a thorough breakdown of the difference between reporting confidentially versus anonymously, offers whistleblowing advice and displays the correct way for an organisation to respond to whistleblowing claims with a good resolution for everybody involved.

The global version of this course is available in 18 alternative languages.