Financial Sanctions

Financial Sanctions eLearning for a more Compliant Organisation

Compliance eLearning Course

In this course you will explore the right steps to take when dealing with financial sanctions. For each correct response you give you will earn a 'get out of jail' card; collect four or more cards to escape eLearning jail!

A financial sanction is imposed on individuals or legal entities (such as companies) to restrict their access to financial services, funds, or other economic resources. The HM Treasury refers to these restricted parties as 'targets'. Sanctions are usually put in place for purposes relating to national security or foreign policy, and are meant to protect assets, prevent hostile behaviour, or else constrain individuals/entities from doing harm.

This course covers key learning objectives:

  • What the HM Treasury may require of you
  • What the UK Government's consolidated list of targets may be used for?
  • What to do if your client is a listed target
  • When it is allowable to deal with the funds or resources of a target
  • What to do if you are suspicious of a new or existing client

This is a 5 minute microlearning course, designed to maximise learner engagement and knowledge retention.

For more information about microlearning as a concept please visit our dedicated microlearning page.

Financial Sanctions