Fraud Awareness Training

Using our CPD Certified online training to communicate your organisation's fraud risk management policy is a great way to ensure that fraud awareness training is standardised across the board, as well as easy-to-use and engaging.

Our Fraud Awareness Training Courses

Our Fraud Awareness Training courses are available as part of the Compliance eLearning Suite in one great package.

Fraud Awareness Training Courses

Detailing exactly what constitutes fraud and what the motivations behind fraud could be, our forty-five minute long Fraud Awareness online training course is designed to help employees spot the signs of fraud, and also how to investigate and report suspected cases of fraud. This information is particularly useful for your business's fraud awareness programme, since most organisational fraud is detected following tips and whistleblowing from fellow employees.

Fraud Awareness Training Courses

Fraud Awareness Microlearning and Short Courses

Fraud Awareness Microlearning and Short Courses

Our Tackling Tax Evasion short-course is designed to empower employees by educating them about the signs of tax evasion, e.g. false invoicing and hidden expenses, and what to do if they suspect tax evasion practices taking place.

We also offer a selection of Fraud Awareness microlearning courses, which are ideal to supplement your anti-fraud eLearning and perfect for keeping matters of compliance fresh in the minds of your employees in an engaging and memorable format. Click on the courses below for more information:

Bid Suppression

Collusive Bidding

Detecting and Reporting Fraud

False Invoicing

Leaking Bid Information

All our fraud awareness training courses are available off-the-shelf for ease of use; we can also work with your subject experts to tailor the approach and information to suit your organisation's requirements. Using the Adapt Authoring Tool you can even modify our courses yourself.

Why is Fraud Training so important?

Part of the reason why fraud can go undetected and unreported for lengths of time is the fact that it can occur in so many different forms. Usually, though, fraud will fall into three categories: asset misappropriation (stealing or misusing company resources and/or cash), financial statement fraud (misrepresenting information on company financial reports), and corruption (using one's own or the company's influence for personal benefit).

Everyone in the organisation should be made aware about these different types of fraud and what the red flags are for each.

Effective fraud awareness training is critical when it comes to the prevention and detection of fraud in the workplace. Whilst it's true that no-one likes to think their employees or colleagues are capable of committing a fraud offence, ensuring that a proper anti-fraud training plan is put in place is far easier and more effective than trying to recover losses after fraud has taken place. Remember, prevention is key when it comes to corporate fraud.

The cost of Corporate Fraud in the UK last year is estimated to be an astonishing £193 billion.

Private sector fraud accounted for the vast majority of this, losing £144 billion across SME's and large enterprises alike. The major types of fraud that this included were: Procurement, including false invoicing and contracts awarded in exchange for bribes (also see our Anti-bribery and Corruption courses), Payroll, Mortgage Lending and Insurance.

The public sector is far from being averse to fraud, losing some £37 billion in 2016 through tax fraud (£15 million), accounting fraud and an ill-afforded £2.5 billion worth of fraud in the NHS.

What is Fraud Awareness training?

Fraud awareness training educates members of staff about the threat of fraud and the ways in which it can damage organisations. This sort of training will typically provide examples of different sorts of fraud (e.g. bribery, false accounting, insurance fraud, and so on) and discuss how to identify them and the specific warning signs and prevention methods for each. Fraud awareness requires everyone in the organisation to remain vigilant against fraudulent practices and is an ongoing process that will often involve refresher training and reinforcement.

Fraud Awareness Training Insights

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