Bid Suppression

Bid Suppression Training Courses for your Business

Online Training Course

In this course you will explore bid suppression and earn customer rating stars for correctly identifying how to minimise the risk of supplier fraud relating to it.

Bid suppression is a form of supplier collusion. It occurs when a group of bidders, who may have been secretly 'cooperating' for some time, seek to exclude one or more companies from a bid process.

The excluded suppliers are often newcomers to the market who are either offered a pay off in exchange for not submitting a bid, or threatened to prevent them from bidding.

There is a number of red flags to look out for that can alert you to the possibility of bid collusion:

  • A qualified supplier consistently fails to bid
  • A surprising protest is received about one of the bids
  • Complaints are received from prospective bidders
  • The number of bidders is lower compared with previous bids

This is a 5 minute microlearning course, designed to maximise learner engagement and knowledge retention.

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Bid Suppression