Leaking Bid Information

Prevent supplier fraud by tackling bid information leaks

Key Learning Points:

  • What is a bid information leak
  • How do bid information leaks occur
  • How does it enable supplier fraud
  • What are the red flags to identify potential leaking of bid information
  • What actions to take to minimise the risks of supplier fraud

Course Overview

This online training course on leaking bid information explores how supplier fraud can occur if bid information is leaked and focuses on recognition and prevention. The course is designed to raise awareness around competition laws and how it affects businesses and their employees. In particular, the course enables learners to identify the red flags, prevent supplier fraud and ensure compliance with competition laws.

This course is set in our engaging Take 5 microlearning format and puts the learner through real-life scenarios to understand how bid information can be leaked and how it interferes with the bidding process. It is presented in a short, challenge format, designed to maximise learner engagement and knowledge retention.

Course Details

  • Course duration: 5 minutes
  • Available in 3 Languages
  • Certificate on completion
  • Regular course updates
  • Course can be tailored using Adapt Authoring Tool
  • Course can be tailored to meet your specific requirements

Course Contents

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The Assessment

In this interactive course, learners will explore how leaking bid information occurs and earn customer rating star for correctly identifying how it can be recognised and prevented. To complete the course, learners must earn a star for correctly identify how to minimise the risks. Learners can also take the assessment again to improve their score.

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Leaking Bid Information

Bid information may be leaked for a number of reasons. It may be for financial benefit or for personal reasons. For example, a disaffected employee at a suppliers may leak bid information to a competitor to give them an unfair advantage on the understanding that they will benefit personally or professionally. Alternatively, an employee may have a friend or relative working for a competitor and intentionally or unintentionally let slip bid information.

Train your employees on identifying the red flags and ensuring compliance with competition laws.


If you have any questions that are not covered here, please get in touch.

Transparency in the bidding process is very important for trust and for making sure you have clearly stayed on the right side of competition law. The key principle is making sure there is open, fair competition. This means making sure the reasons for unsuccessful bids are communicated and suppliers are chosen fairly.

Bid information is supposed to be confidential but in practice, it can sometimes be leaked. This can be unintentional, such as in the case of a cyber attack or accidental sharing of information, or intentional, such as a competitor asking an employee to sell sensitive information. Every step needs to be taken to keep company information safe.

Ethical purchasing processes are impartial and fair, with integrity displayed by all parties. Ensuring bids are considered in an unbiased way is very important and upholds competition law. All bids should represent the best prices and services the supplier can offer and competitors should not be involved in the process in any unfair way.

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