Our GDPR Online Training Courses

Personal Data Protection

This online training course on personal data protection focuses on educating employees about the legislation around data protection, with an emphasis on accountability and ownership when it comes to processing and storing... Read More »

50 minutes Detailed-Study

Accountability and GDPR

This online training course explores the obligations for accountability under the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and what it means for organisations affected by it. The course is designed to educate members... Read More »

5 minutes Microlearning

Freedom of Information

This online training course enables learners to understand what freedom of information is and how it applies to them. The course is specifically designed to prepare employees to appropriately deal with FOI requests received... Read More »

20 minutes Microlearning

Data Protection Diagnostic Assessment

This online training course is designed to test learner's knowledge of key topic areas of data protection principles and best practice. An AI-powered assessment, it measures the learner's understanding of the topic and offers... Read More »

10 minutes Adaptive

Right to be Forgotten: Erasure

This engaging course outlines the various situations in which organisations are required to delete or stop processing an individual's personal data without delay, including when an individual requests it under specific circumstances.... Read More »

5 minutes Microlearning

Using Big Data Ethically

This online training course on big data enables organisations to empower their employees on using big data ethically, obeying the principles of transparency, respecting the law, ensuring fairness and protecting data integrity.... Read More »

5 minutes Microlearning

Data Protection Impact Assessment Toolkit

This helpful Toolkit enables you to understand the purpose of Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs), the benefits and the important steps in the DPIA process. The Toolkit is designed to raise awareness on how DPIAs can... Read More »

15 minutes Toolbox-Talks

Preventing a Data Breach

This online training course enables learners to understand the consequences of data breaches and the best practice to follow when handling personal data. The course explores the causes of data breaches and enables learners... Read More »

30 minutes Immersive

Introduction to Personal Data Protection

This introductory eLearning course on data protection introduces the learner to data protection legislation and the importance of protecting the personal data held and processed by your organisation. It reflects on the types... Read More »

25 minutes Detailed-Study

Reporting a Personal Data Breach

Our short course on GDPR compliance focuses on reporting a suspected personal data breach. You're the Data Protection Officer for your company, Beedlestones. You've been alerted to a possible data breach. Make the right decisions... Read More »

5-10 minutes Microlearning

GDPR in 5 minutes

This online training course on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is designed to educate members of staff who process personal data of their obligations under the GDPR. The microlearning course offers a quick refresher... Read More »

5 minutes Microlearning

Tailoring: You can tailor all of the courses in this topic using the free Adapt Authoring Tool.

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GDPR Online Training FAQs

Are you GDPR Compliant?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is an EU regulation designed to strengthen data protection for individuals within the EU. It applied from May 25th 2018 following its publication in the official journal of the EU on May 11th 2016.

The GDPR states that organisations must adopt appropriate policies, procedures and processes to ensure compliance or risk fines of up to 4% of turnover or €20m, whichever is greater.

Who does GDPR apply to?

The GDPR applies to all organisations within the EU and also those based outside the EU who offer goods and services to EU citizens or who monitor EU citizens behaviour within the EU.

The legislation extends the reach of data protection principles to include:

  • Data Controller (this is the organisation that owns data and decides what it will be used for. For example, DeltaNet's customers)
  • Data Processor (this is the organisation that processes data on behalf of the data controller. For example, DeltaNet International)

What can you do to ensure GDPR compliance?

Compliance with older data protection regulations is a good start towards compliance with the GDPR as there is a degree of common ground between the two.

However, in order to ensure compliance, organisations will need to have a thorough understanding of a number of points such as exactly what data is held (customer, employees and suppliers for example), with whom it is shared, who acts as a controller and processor, and precisely what documentation is required (such as policies and contracts for example).

Organisations must have appropriate measures in place to protect the data they hold, which include data protection audits, policies and contracts.

How DeltaNet International can help your GDPR training

DeltaNet International provides a full employee awareness GDPR elearning solution.

Our online training courses give all the information required to comply with GDPR. The content has been developed in conjunction with leading London law firm Wedlake Bell who are subject experts. It provides a comprehensive learning solution for organisations looking to stay GDPR compliant.

After taking these courses you will know:

  • What GDPR is
  • How to be compliant with GDPR
  • Who is responsible for ensuring GDPR compliance
Comprehensive GDPR courses

Comprehensive GDPR courses

Personal Data Protection is a broad, yet thorough, GDPR eLearning course. It is designed to provide your employees with the information they need to know about GDPR in a straightforward, easy-to-digest manner.

This online course breaks down the principles of GDPR into three detailed topics: data and the new laws/regulations; the principles, rights, and obligations of GDPR; and potential data breaches under GDPR.

At the end of the training course, learners will have the chance to answer realistic, scenario-based questions to see what they have learnt about their responsibilities under the new GDPR law and will gain a final score.

Preventing a Data Breach (Global) is an immersive eLearning course which places learners inside a fictitious company with the task of uncovering a number of data breaches which have taken place. This course is designed to underline the do's and don'ts when it comes to handling, storing, and protecting data and exemplifies real-life processes whereby the GDPR's 'privacy by design' ethos should come into force.

GDPR Online Training
GDPR Short-courses and microlearning

GDPR Short-courses and microlearning

Our GDPR in 5 Minutes eLearning course is a great place to start and offers a quick refresher to employees on GDPR. Covering best practice to follow for ensuring GDPR compliance, as well as outlining responsibilities under the GDPR, this course offers general awareness and is suitable for all employees within an organisation.

The Individual Rights Under GDPR course is designed to increase awareness of the eight individual rights under the GDPR. Learners will gain an understanding of the significance of each right, and the obligations that organisations have to protect these rights.

The Responsibility Under GDPR training course covers the types of responsibilities imposed by the GDPR, as well as the difference between the responsibilities of individuals and organisations. By completing this course, employees will have the confidence to make GDPR compliant decisions and to meet their own responsibilities, reducing the risk of a GDPR breach.

Our Accountability and GDPReLearning course takes a closer look at the GDPR directive that promotes transparency and how and why this part of the legislation is significant. The course covers how to demonstrate accountability and also how to minimise the risk of breaches.

The final eLearning course, Erasure: The Right to be Forgotten, is a microlearning course which takes a five-minute, focused glance at this fundamental aspect of GDPR legislation. The course covers what employees' responsibilities are upon receiving a request to erase personal data.

All our GDPR training courses online are available off-the-shelf for ease of use; we can also work with your subject experts to tailor the approach and information to suit your organisation's requirements. Using the Adapt Authoring Tool you can even modify our courses yourself.

GDPR Online Training

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