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The Collection

Collections are unique solutions designed to bring together the convenience and cost effectiveness of off-the-shelf eLearning with all the benefits of an engaging, bespoke training curriculum.

Our new Collections feature a variety of learning styles and fresh content to improve engagement and provide a long term solution to your training needs.

Using Collections, your organisation can enjoy the best of both worlds, giving you ready-made, holistic training programmes designed to deliver a multi-year training strategy with fresh content year-on-year.

Adaptive Courses

  • An innovative new approach to promote knowledge retention and learner engagement

  • Pre-assessment identifies areas of strengths and weaknesses

  • Course is automatically tailored to cover gaps in learners’ knowledge

  • Significantly reduces unnecessary training time

Our Adaptive Courses

Immersive Courses

  • Scenario-based courses

  • Place the learner at the centre of the experience

  • Test their ability to make the right decisions.

  • Highly interactive; designed to improve learner engagement.

Our Immersive Courses

Manual Handling Challenge Course

Avoid workplace injuries due to manual handling with our engaging and interactive course. Our Manual Handling Challenge course teaches users the proper techniques for lifting, lifting, lowering, pushing, pulling, holding and carrying objects safely.

The course takes a fun approach with challenges to win. Learners have to keep the risk-o-meter level low to win all four manual handling badges! This enjoyable course makes it easy for all levels of staff to learn.

Microlearning Courses

  • Short 5-10 minute learning vignettes

  • Focussed on key topics

  • Improve knowledge retention with bite size learning

  • Can be rolled out in response to emerging training needs.

Our Microlearning Courses

Detailed Study Courses

  • Utilises what we would call a ‘traditional’ eLearning approach, meaning that learners are presented with the information then tested at the end

  • Information is presented in an interactive, engaging way

  • Longer, detailed courses

Our Detailed Study Courses

Manual Handling Training

Every year, thousands of workplace injuries occur due to manual handling. This includes life-changing spine problems and repetitive strain injuries. Protect your employees and educate them in the proper techniques for lifting, lowering, pushing, pulling, holding and carrying objects.

This online Manual Handling training course sets out the key facts about manual handling in an engaging and clear manner. It covers the best way to approach manual handling for your spine and posture and how to carry out simple manual handling tasks.

Communications Resources

To positively reinforce the learning messages in our courses we also provide you with a suite of communications resources, including:
  • Engaging resources to print out and display in the workplace

  • Share digitally via intranet, newsletter or display screen.

  • Promote a culture of compliance

  • Reinforce key behaviours

Our Communications Resources

Toolbox Talks

  • Resources based on corresponding courses

  • Designed to facilitate a blended learning experience for small groups.

  • Includes downloadable facilitation notes

  • Use as part of face-to-face training.

Our Toolbox Talks Courses

Spinal Awareness

Whether we’re sitting at a desk for long periods, driving or manual handling, we’re using our spine. Over half a million workers in the UK suffer with musculoskeletal disorders every year, many of which are related to their spines.

Our Spinal Awareness eLearning training is made up of four modules:

  • Understanding your Spine
  • Managing the Risks
  • Improving your Posture
  • Stretching Exercises

The course is available as a set of all four modules, as separate modules, or as a Toolbox Talk. Toolbox Talks are designed for group learning and include resources to facilitate discussion.

Phishing Simulator

To positively reinforce the learning messages in our courses we also provide you with a suite of communications resources, including:
  • Send simulated phishing emails to your employees

  • Track and report on who opens them

  • Our AI driven platform will assess their learning needs

  • Auto enrol employees on our Phishing and Information Security courses to make your business more secure
Our Manual Handling Courses
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Our Collections help you to:

A Flexible Solution

  • Collections are designed to offer a highly flexible, easily scalable and agile alternative to traditional off the shelf training.

  • Our collections offer a variety of different learning interventions and styles, providing each organisation the flexibility to create a training plan that meets their unique requirements.

A Scalable Solution

  • Collections are easily scalable too; whether you need to provide in-depth training, refresher training or a comprehensive schedule of short training activities, each collection provide enough options to roll out a unique training programme year after year.

An Agile Solution

  • As they are off the shelf, our collections are ready when you are and can be deployed quickly and easily in direct response to the changing level of risk being faced by your organisation.

  • Each collection is updated with new courses as we develop them, so your training programme can be fresh each year and your training is always up to date, relevant and effective.

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Manual Handling FAQs

Manual handling includes any activity that involves lifting, lowering, carrying, pushing or pulling items. Most people take part in some form of manual handling in their day-to-day jobs. Some jobs involve participating in some form of manual handling for the entire shift.

Manual handling incurs risk when items are too heavy for the employee or are required to be carried for long periods of time. Any twisting, bending, or stretching activity can cause musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and damage muscles and joints.

It is estimated that MSDs account for over a third of work-related sick leave. However, with proper safe manual handling courses and training, organisations can reduce the risk of injury and work-related sick leave.

Without safe manual handling courses, manual handling could put workers at the risk of injury, and this could have serious implications for employers. Our manual handling eLearning training involves protecting workers from harm and introduces employees to the risks involved in handling heavy objects at work and how to reduce these. Our superior safe manual handling courses also educate employers and employees on the early-reporting processes for any injuries obtained whilst undertaking manual handling at work.

There is no law on the frequency that manual handling eLearning training should be repeated. However, we believe that health & safety training should be refreshed and reinforced in organisations. With our LMS system, Astute, we take a ‘blended learning’ approach and curate our courses with a variety of learning methods to encourage employee retention and engagement to make revisiting health & safety learning an exciting task. Our safe manual handling courses involve interactive and immersive eLearning (combined with more traditional eLearning courses), microlearning (these are short, very content-rich courses), poster campaigns, email tips, and surveys.

Manual Handling Training

DeltaNet’s manual handling eLearning courses teach learners the ways how to approach manual handling that will protect themselves from injury. The safe manual handling course looks at the factors to consider when manual handling can’t be avoided, and how to carry out simple manual handling tasks in a safe way.

The course is split into four modules. The final module includes an assessment so employers and learners can assess manual handling knowledge and retention.

Our Manual Handling Challenge course explores the proper techniques of manual handling in an immersive, gamified way.

The manual handling eLearning course contains an introduction to legal risk assessment techniques for manual handling activities. It also explains the legal responsibilities of employers to protect their employees from the risks involved with manual handling.

Our safe manual handling course is available off-the-shelf for convenience. We can also work closely with your subject experts to tailor the approach and content to suit your organisation’s requirement. Using the Adapt Authoring Tool, you can even adjust our courses yourself.


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